What could cause my Windows 7 PC to reboot 5 to 15 minutes after it starts

Hi, I have an ongoing problem with my Windows 7 PC. Originally I had a Dell precision workstation 490 with 16 gig of RAM. The hard drives were Western Digital one was a 1 TB the other was a 2 TB. The precision workstation started to have a reboot problem. After 5 to 15 minutes of use it would simply turn itself off. It's not actually restarting itself it just quits like you pulled the plug out of the wall with no warning.

I have a background in computer repair and after thoroughly troubleshooting the hardware decided that the old precision workstation might have a power supply problem. That power supply is no longer made so you can only buy used ones mostly from eBay. I decided that I would buy a new computer and swap out the hard drives video card and other hardware. Before I switched out the hardware I may an image file and recovery disks so that I could reinstall Windows 7 back into the new computer. I thought this would cure the computer from turning off.

I bought a new motherboard, new power supply, new Pentium four Ivy Bridge processor. I swapped over the drives and video card then installed the drivers for the motherboard and reinstalled the hard drive from the image. Seemed to work well but my computer dropdead problem came with the old hardware.

I performed a in-depth VirusScan using Microsoft security essentials software. I did the complete scan are the in-depth scan and did find two Trojan viruses that were really nasty on the hard drive. These viruses were quarantined and then removed from the hard drive. Also I removed several older programs that I either don't use anymore are don't like. I have searched through config MS for a potential problem. But I don't see any problems there. I've found a program on the Internet that monitors the boot up and shows you what services are devices or whatever has been loaded to your system. It seems that the operating system loads over 2 million services a lot to shift through. I have gone through a lot of this checking out what I do not understand with the Internet. I really don't see anything that could be causing this computer just to turn off after about 5 to 10 minutes sometimes 15. Once it does turn itself off and this is the tricky part I can restart it and it will run the rest of the day without fail are causing me problems just after you turn it owns when it falls down.

I would appreciate any help that you can give me. Thanks Robert
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  1. What type of video card? I had a similar problem with an ATIx1900. It was getting up to 110 and the computer would just turn off.

    Another idea is to take a look a the windows event manager. Look at all the logs from just before the computer goes dead. You might see something there.

    Try Core temp to check the CPU its free and will let you watch, or log the temp. I like MSI afterburner for checking, logging the temps of the GPU. Again its free and works will all GPUs.
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