First Laptop, Have Questions.

So I just bought my first laptop today. Here is a link to it The manufacture page
Now I have some questions about laptops in general since this is my first one.

a) What things do I need to do to take care of the battery? Like is is okay to leave it in while the laptop is plugged into the wall? Do I need to do a full discharge and charge every 30 cycles? Is there any software/program that helps me with the care of my battery(tells me degredation, etc.)

b) What is a normal temperature for cpu's and gpu's in a laptop? I havn't checked the temp of the gpu in mine at all yet, but on the desktop the cpu in mine sits at around 47-50C per core. Is this too hot? Or is this normal? What is a recommended maximum temp for the i7-2630m?

c) Is there anything else I need to know about taking care of my laptop and making sure it lasts?
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  1. a)It's fine to leave it while the laptop is charging and yes it's recommended to discharge it once in a month
    b)It depends on the room's temp but anything between 30-45c is fine
    c)Just don't OC it :D
  2. Alright, thanks for the reply! Anyone else have advice?
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