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My Athelon 1.4ghz with a stock fan runs at 150 F. I have a front and rear fan and the stock fan for the CPU. If I remove the side of the case it runs at 140 F. Is there any reason (I have no kids or pets) why I should simply leave
it off. It sits next to a filing cabinet with a 2 inch clearance. Should I (A) put the case side on and run at 150F (B) Leave the side off and run at 140F.(C) buy better case fans (D) buy a better CPU fan (it is stock and came with the CPU)
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  1. Could be your hardware monitor is giving incorrect readings. Some asus boards are +10 degrees. One fan in front and one in back should be ok.
  2. My board is a Shuttle AK-31v2. How can I determine if the readings are off? Is this board noted for incorrect readings?
  3. Go buy yourself a Cheap but good cooler liek the Thermaltake Volcanoo 6Cu./Cu.+

    Those temps are DANGEROUSly high, interestign the comp. still runs stable....in my personal experiences, Athlon/Duron systems start to F*ck up after 61 degrees celcious......they still run but get error's galore......

    anyways.....i recomend a enw HSF Solution.....case fans are good, the moer the better.....

    -MeTaL RoCkEr

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  4. Mine runs at 40 Celsius or so most of the time with the dragon orb 3 hsf at 7k rpm's... it's sorta loud but it works ;)
  5. the retail hsf is FINE. those temps are a bit high, but i really doubt it's the heatsink, unless he muffed up the install. with the retail hsf on a 1.4tb temps i found are around 49C-54C idle. if his temps are dropping 10C from just having the side off, it would seem to be most likely an air-flow issue, or lack of.
    arrange your cables the best you can so they're not in the direct path of your intake fan.

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  6. Here is the important test, you with me,.....ok, this is gonna be hard..


    If no, then DONT CHANGE OR BUY ANYTHING, the temprature does NOT matter if the computer is not locking up.

    If you are locking up THEN, come back and let us know and try some of these fine suggestions.

    "The Cash Left In My Pocket,The BEST Benchmark"
    No Overclock+stock hsf=GOOD!
  7. Thats the thing metal, if the cpu is NOT locking up the temps CANNOT be dangerously high, cpu errors occur at tempratures far below the saftey threshold, if the cpu chugs along like a champion he is in no danger at all.

    "The Cash Left In My Pocket,The BEST Benchmark"
    No Overclock+stock hsf=GOOD!
  8. Very true Mat.....Im saying though from personal experience, every Athlon I've seen/used that had a crappy cooler when they hit 61 degrees celcious they started to get BSOD's, Explorere Crashing etc. ands this was witht hem NOT beign ovclocked....

    I AGREE 100% that you shouldnt worry abotu it if it's not locking up etc. but i myself would assume it would once in awhile just becasue of the experiences ive had.....BUT if the temps are that high...here try this ok......dont buy a new HSF or anything YET....let's say that the comp. is locking up once in awhile......go buy some Arctic Silver II.....clean up all the old crap off the original HSF and off the CPU Core with a Q-Tip and a Rag and soem Rubbing Alcohol......
    Personal Expereince witht he same Chip's i was tellign you about that locked up at 61 Degrees Celcious had the thermal pad on the HSF used....and after it was cleaned off etc. and applied a bit of AS2.....the temps dropped 10 Degrees Celcious, not kidding eaither.......

    1 was a T-Bird 750 OC'd to 1000MHz with 133MHz FSB with a Volcanoo II and idle temps went right to 37 celcious....
    The other was a T-Bird 800 OC'd to 1000MHz with 100MHz FSB with a Volcanoo 6Cu. and idle temps went to 42 celcious....

    That is 10 degrees cooler than previous to the AS2 application to both.......

    I Still dont understand why the 800 @ 1000 is hotter than the 750 @ 1000 when there both usign the same STOCK Voltage and the Volcanoo 6Cu. is a better HSF (unless its becasue there both Asus boards and they tend to read 10 degrees higher in different batches......anyways......i think i proved my own little theory.....

    -MeTaL RoCkEr

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