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I have a second hand Alienware M5700i-R2 laptop computer. It is a Pre-Dell laptop with a Phoenix Bios. I am unable to access the computer due to a password lock out. The password request also comes up when i press F2. I am unable to use any drives also. These are the tricks i have tried so far.

1.) Remove CMOS battery for 24 hours - no luck
2.) Locate jumper on motherboard - cannot find one
3.) Hold down several different keys on keyboard and reboot - no luck
4.) Entered known Phoenix backdoor passwords - no luck

Any new suggestions? Any new backdoor passwords?
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  1. Hello dtakacs1;

    It's a common problem.

  2. Thanks for the link. I have contacted them already and when i told them i purchased it second hand they were not very helpful. It was almost as if they thought it was stolen or something. People purchase second hand laptops all the time with items missing or something is wrong with the units. I was trying not to spend a lot of money if i did not have to.
  3. dtakacs1 said:
    It was almost as if they thought it was stolen or something.
    It is a pretty big problem so they are pretty careful.
    No one wants to make it easy on the laptop thief. (and they do catch a few calling in for password unlocks).

    In the old days you could take the CMOS/RTC battery out and the password would reset.
    Now the password is stored on non-volatile flash chip.
    There are no generic master passwords anymore. Only the MFGRs can create a new password that will work with a specific laptop.
  4. Not sure what to suggest if you have already tried taking the CMOS battery out. Is it a user login password or a BIOS password?
  5. It is a bios password. I will try the information that Evonywhilte posted and let you know what happens. Thanks
  6. You can replace the motherboard if you really need to get rid of the password. Outside of manufacturer assistance, there's not much you can do. If the previous owner registered the notebook, you might be able to get them to contact Dell/Alienware and let them know the machine isn't stolen. Maybe they'll do something then.
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