[resolved] Limited connectivity using tp-link's TL-WN727N?

i am using a TP-LINK TL-WN727N to connect to my wireless network, and am using win7 64bit.
occasionally, i can't access the internet while still being connected to my network (limited connectivity), and in order to be able to use the internet again i need to disable and then enable my wireless network connection driver (TP-link wireless USB adapter).
as time passes this thing happens more frequently, and i am sure the problem is in my computer, since no one else in the house has this problem.
i had this problem before, and i resolved it by updating windows, but now this problem is happening again, and updating windows didn't seem to make too much of a difference.
thanks in advance.
(also, sorry if i am unclear in any way, i am kind of sick today)

(EDIT: i solved the problem by enabling in my firewall everything under the group "wireless portable devices", i probably enabled some un-nessesary stuff there too, but w/e, at least it works)
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  1. When it happens, can you still ping the router? And the wireless signal is still ok? Do you see any other wlan's using the same channels?
  2. i can't say i fully understood what you just said, i am kind of stupid in stuff like these.
    the signal seems pretty good actually, and i am not sure about how channels work, but i can only imagine that if it were the problem, other machines connecting wirelessly would encounter the problem, which they aren't, the problem is only with my computer.
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