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I just received my new PC upgrade and realised I ordered the wrong processor - I seemed to have ordered MP 1600 and not the XP. What should I do? The XP is only about £25 cheaper, but then I have to think about the cost of returning the MP and have the hassle of trying to sort things out. I do tend to do more than one thing on my desktop at a time, although it is a bit slow on my outdated K6-2 350.

Help and advice would be appreciated.

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  1. Check out your mp and see if the multiplier is "unlocked". If your mobo supports multiplier changes, by all means, keep the mp. The unlocked mp's won't have the "pits" created under the L1 bridges when lasered at the factory.
  2. THE MP and XP are basically...well no, they ARE the exact same chip.......the ONLY difference is that the MP is supported by AMD as an SMP processor.....AND all MP's come multiplier unlocked as opposed to the XP's...your better off witht he MP than the XP, especially since you'd have to pay money to give the MP back (restocking fee) so just keep it and OC the hell out of the little bugger =)

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