Mycomputer shuts down sudddenly

what cause a computer to shut down suddenly
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  1. forgot to pay the electricity bill.
  2. On a similar note - power supply issues.
  3. Need a little more info on your system components and what you are doing when the shutdowns occur.
  4. If it's running and then shuts down I would suspect something is overheating.

    Open up the case and while its running look at the CPU cooler fan and see if it is running consistantly or if it seems like its struggling.

    Do the same with the PSU fan and if you have it GPU fans.
  5. You might also want to make sure it is dust free on the inside. Too much dust can cause a computer to overheat and shutdown.
  6. It would help to know more about your problem. What is you configuration? What are you doing then the system shuts down? How long have you had this problem? Any recent changes such as program or hardware?

    Heat is your computer's enemy. I would check all for grills where air comes in for dust and dirt blocking the air flow. I usually take mine out once and awhile and use a air compressor to blow out all the dust. Heat-sinks and get clogged and lose effectiveness. Just be careful with you fans. Hold them so they don't spin while you clean the dust out around them.
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