I hate del,how da F**K can I Overclock this junk

Ok :/ I am sick of this system. I got this PC over a year ago for free :

PIII 866
256 RDRAM (700)
40 GB
Geforce 2 GTS
Soundblaster 16

Now almost a year later its a bit modified :/ but not enough :

PIII 866
256 MB RDRAM (700)
Geforce 2 GTS Oc
2x 40 Gig 7200 (ATA 100)
Soundblaster LiVe 5.1

I am a poor student :/ and I cannot afford to buy new hardware until next summer. But I want to push the performance of this system. But the BEEP! BEEP! BEEEEEP! Dell do not seem to give you any ability to overclock :/

It so frustrating !!

Anyhow don't ever buy a dell or any other prebuilt heap of junk (I realise that most of you are far too sensible anyway)


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  1. Just cos u can't overclock the damn thing, so you want to throw your machine away?

    A year ago, the spec you quoted would have costed twice the price of what you would have to pay today.

    Overclocking is not the only way forward. You have so many other options.

    Besides, you got your system for free!! Chill out dude!

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  2. I am super chilled LOL you couldn't even begin to understand how chilled I am at this exact moment. Just felt the urge to have a rant :)

    Yeah when I got this system it was pretty class :) and it has lasted pretty well. I don't want to overclock only for performance gains, well maybe a little but its not essential as I don't ever really push this system. I like to mess with things and overclocking gives me a whole excuse to mess with settings and tweak etc...

    Instead I have to sit back and twiddle my thumbs :(

    I have already totally modified and overclocked my Graphics card, I have nothing to do ! I was contemplating fitting a HSF to my found card just for the hell of it, thought it wold make a good comedy moment at the next LAN I go to.


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  3. A p3 with rdram, ouch, the latency must kill performance terribly.

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    No Overclock+stock hsf=GOOD!
  4. Tell you the truth I don't have a clue what the RAM does to my performance :/ Every single person I know has an AMD so I cannot compare it to anything else !


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  5. So you want to fiddle with settings and get more performance?
    Install Linux.

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  6. Hmmm :/ Dunno if I could cope with that.... Taken me a good 6 years to get used to Windows in its current format, how the hell am I supposed to cope with an entire new OS ?


    ps: how much more could I really do ?

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  7. Good news and bad news. Good news is that a 100MHz FSB PIII can be modified to work at 133MHz on your system. Bad news is you already have 133MHz FSB. The only way you can overclock since your already at 133FSB is to use a software clock program, such as SoftFSB or CPUCool. I haven't had much luck with CPUCool, but SoftFSB works great!

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  8. what do you use your computer for?

    i would think a 866mhz would work just fine... i mean what ap can you not run because it's too slow? if anything save up money and get a new geforce 3 dude!

    your system looks fine and probably good for another 2 years.

    list one ap that you use that is too slow?

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  9. BTW, Dell uses Intel motherboards, which are never overclockable by normal means.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  10. How on earth can you use RDRAM with P3? I've never seen a board that supports RDRAM with P3. What is the chipset? You sure its not SDRAM? You know, "S" and "R" are pretty close on the keyboard :)

    For overclocking, I agree with other guys. Try to increase the FSB using SoftFSB.

    Did you check the users manual for an FSB adjustment via jumpers or alike?

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  11. LOL ilker_eryilmaz Don't take me for an idiot please :/
    Its not my fault you have never heard of Intels 820 chipset. Do you think I would have specified PC700 SDRAM ? Interesting concept I am sure ! Also the fact that its Bigger Blue and cost a F-in Bomb may have been an idication to even the stupidest PC user that its not normal SDRAM...

    <A HREF="http://program.intel.com/shared/products/chipsets/820/820pb.pdf" target="_new">http://program.intel.com/shared/products/chipsets/820/820pb.pdf</A>
    (Just to reassure yourself)
    And no I am not proud of it ! its a heap of junk !

    Yeah it is a Intel board and yes the normal BIOS has no Overclocking features. No jumpers on the board either. Ok well thanks for the SoftFSB advice I will look into it :o)


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