Heating, P2 vs AthlonXP

Since I'im upgrading to an AthlonXP, I was thinking of heat theory.
Technically weren't older systems using bigger micron processes and useless power consumption?
So does that mean my P2 350 is hotter than the AthlonXP at normal assigned speed?
I know it would be obvious AXP is hotter, but something is not coming out right...
Inputs needed!
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  1. If you ran that 350 @ 1000mhz or more then yes, it would be blazing hotter, but the low speed of the chip more than makes up for the higher heat generated per clock.

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  2. So in one way the AXP is still hotter huh?
  3. In both circumstances, a heatsink failure would fatally damage the processor. And in both cases, this is VERY unlikely, assuming the heatsink is mounted correctly.
  4. looks like your getting confused there.

    remember, heat is energy, but energy is not necessarily heat *grins*

    for example. (energy output, full load)
    Pentium2 350Mhz = 24.5W
    Athlon 1.4C = 72W
    Athlon XP 1800+ = 68W

    but the actual TEMPERATURE of the chip also depends on the efficiency of the heatsink.

    a pentium2 with a crap heatsink will be hotter than a athlon with a good quality hsf.

    so asking "which one is hotter" aint really a smart question.

    another example.
    my overclocked 1200C (1464mhz) has a monster swiftech mcx-462 on top, and runs at full load at 41C.
    a year ago my cellery 500 @ 562 typically ran at around 50C+. cauz it only had standard cooling.

    course the athlon puts out a crapload more thermal energy, but this is dissapated much more efficiently, so the 'hotness' just aint there :)

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  5. Another reason today's cpu's would be putting out the same or more heat is due to the number of transistors on the cpu die. A Xp will have many more transistors than a P2 cpu.
  6. "my overclocked 1200C (1464mhz) has a monster swiftech mcx-462 on top, and runs at full load at 41C.
    a year ago my cellery 500 @ 562 typically ran at around 50C+. cauz it only had standard cooling."

    Im running a MC-462, on my P4 @ 2.25Ghz 29C under full load without AC on.
    AMD lies about power consumed. Hence stock PSU's not supplying enough power to produce a stable machine.

    Yet the cheapest PSU work fine for P4.
  7. So I should be fine with the stock HSF?
    I really don't want a noisy comp, and cannot spend anymore. I will get the Retail but do I need anything else?
    Don't overclock, don't do anything with my comp's settings, so I just use it normally.
  8. sure.
    just dont expect sub 40C temps with stock.

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  9. Well I don't even care!
    I mean I never looked inside my case except upon dust removal, and fixing with a techie!! I never entered my BIOS, nada! No tweak around. So far I only know things from a distance! Like on THG.
  10. erm...
    if you dont care,
    why did u ask about this in the first place?

    *looks confused*

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  11. Lol, sorry it sounded harsh!
    What I meant was I don't even care about any temp or whatever breakthrough I could find. I mean I dunno my current CPU temp. For all you know it stands on the limits of burning! But in any case I apologize for saying it roughly! Sometimes words really don't come out right.
    But if one thing I really don't like here, is everyone fretting over the AXP's temps and all that. You make it sound as if I really need to spend an additional 50$ on things I barely know about as if you can no longer buy one thing and it functions! Now I need case fans, high power PSUs, high-tech HSF. Geez where has the old days gone to!
    This is mainly why I don't find it fun sometimes, as everyone makes the change to new processors dramatic!
  12. if your PC isnt locking up, its ok!

    but if your worried about numbers, below 65 is what u want.
    it all depends on your motherboard, the sensor, airflows, measurement software etc etc etc.

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  13. Now you accuse AMD of false advertising? :tongue:

    If P4's aren't so power-hungry, why do so many P4 motherboards require supplemental power connectors? And why do we see Athons in laptops, and rarely ever see P4's in any such setting? It's because the chief concern with laptops is battery life, and P4's do in fact draw more power and generate as much (if not more) heat under load.

    You have nothing to back up your statement. If AMD <i>was</i> lying, you know very well that it would have been discovered many times over by independent parties. If you did have proof, you would already have publicized it, or at least you can publicize it now.

    I'm calling your bluff, blue man wannabe.

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    Yet the cheapest PSU work fine for P4.

    Try telling that to <A HREF="http://www.hardforum.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=282378" target="_new">this poor fellow</A> and his generic no-name 300W.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by kelledin on 12/11/01 07:08 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  14. Ok, an honest answer to this question:

    A P3 1GHz .18u consumes a little over half the power of a T-bird at an equivalent clock speed. A P3 .13u consumes even less power. For this reason, P3 CPUs are ideal for laptops and some embedded devices, where T-birds and AthlonXP's really don't fit in.

    A P4 2GHz, while not performing quite as well as an AthlonXP 1.53GHz, draws ~50% more power under load (~66W for the AthlonXP vs. ~100W for the Pentium 4) and about 27% more power on average (~59W for the AthlonXP vs. ~75W for the Pentium 4). The Pentium 4 has the advantage of a heat spreader and greater die surface area; this allows it to run somewhat cooler than an AthlonXP when both CPUs are at idle, but it still runs somewhat hotter than an AthlonXP when both are under full load. The P4 also has the advantage of better thermal protection; how valuable this is to you depends on how well you can select and install an HSF.

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