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I just bought a Athlon XP 1600 and a ECS K7S5A mb. For now I'm still using 512mb of pc133 sdram. Video card is a Geforce 2 PRO 64mb. I bought a Volcano 6Cu heatskin/fan and this is what bothers me:

CPU Fan Speed: 4821 RPM
System Temp: 34 C
CPU Temp: 42 C

Does that sound about right? What it should be? It seems to me that is a little hot. I haven't installed a case fan yet although I don't think that affects the CPU temp much. Those temperatures by the way is after the systems been on for a couple of hours running quake 3 arena.
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  1. Case fan will help with overall cooling. The system temp usually is 6-10 degrees above room temp. Your CPU temp is ok but probably will come down with proper case cooling.

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  2. Your temps are fine. They might go down a couple degrees once the pad melts or the paste fills in the microscopic gaps. You are in no way running even close to hot so don't worry about. Add some fans though so that you don't burn up your computer on a hot day. Keep in mind that it's winter (at least in the Northern Hemisphere)

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  3. If it dosent lock up its fine, 60c is where I would start to worry but ONLY if I was getting lockups.

    Your temps are greaT!

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  4. I have an AMD 1.2 Ghz T-bird with the same ECS mobo. It has a copper vantec HSF (the heavier one) with a delta fan and arctic silver II in a well ventilated case. At moderate load, I get temps of 42 C for 133 FSB and 34 C at 100 FSB. The system doesn't lock up or anything, but I was concerned about the high temps, too. I was used to a P III 667 running around 30 C on a SOYO mobo.

    I wonder if the temp gauge on the ECS mobo reads a bit high? Has anyone measured actual temps to see if this is the case? Otherwise, I would have to conclude that AMDs run much hotter than Intels. Sure this doesn't affect things now, but it has to cut down on the CPU life span.
  5. Were you planning on keeping this machine for longer than a decade?

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  6. everyone knows that amd cpu's run hotter and every component has its life span. just think of it as a reason to keep your system updated, you'll have fun in doing so :)
  7. If you can keep the temp below 45C on an AMD your doing pretty good!

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  8. I have two Athlon type C CPUs, both of them are runnin SETI on a 24/7 basis and they use a GlobalWin cooling system that keeps them at 53-55 degrees celsius. They are running several months now with no problems.

    My 1000/133 Athlon is doing 1333 MHz
    the 1333/133 CPU is working at 1400 MHz.

    I do not see a problem with RAM, graphics card or anything else in your supercool system. No matter what you are doing with this PC.

    I'll buy a new AMD CPU in early 2002, it will be a 1800+ or better.

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