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Alright.. First of, sorry if this is a tad off-topic but there really isn't a general computers forum (That I saw at least) plus this forum seems to have the most traffic. Anywho, I've recently put together a new computer and it works terrific and all, except for the fact it has a habit to freeze at VERY random times. And by random, I do mean RANDOM. I'll give some examples.

-Loading up ICQ
-Clicking on an internet link
-Playing Return to Castle Wolfienstien
-Watching a DVD
-Watching an AVI
-Playing Diablo II singleplayer
-Playing Diablo II multiplayer
-Listening to MP3's

These can happen at any time. I could have just booted up my computer after having it off for 12+ hours only to have it freeze when it loads ICQ from the starup menu, and on the other hand, I could have had it running idle for the past day or so and then use it activly for four or five hours until it freezes. I'm postive it isn't an overheating problem, nor a bad memory chip problem. And these are "I have to reboot my machine freezes" too. Here are my system specs

Windows XP (More than likly my problem there, eh? =)

-Athlon XP 1800+ CPU
-Abit KG7 (No RAID)
-Vantec CCK-6035D Heatsink/Fan
-Crucial PC2100 DDR RAM 256MBx4 (Only have two in right now.. still the same problem)
-ENLIGHT 72370X3C4 CASE W/ 1 internal case fan and 300 watt power supply
-IBM 60GB Harddrive
-Creative Soundblaster Audigy
-TDK VeloCD 24x10x40x CDRW
-Another Case Fan that I forgot the name of
-Pioneer 116 16x DVD-ROM
-Some generic Floppy Drive
-3com 10/100T NIC
-Visiontek Xstacy Geforce3 Ti200

I have the latest drivers for the VideoCard, Motherboard, and the soundcard, but the problem still persists. I haven't touched any of XP's default memory and processor settings though.

Any help would be EXTREMLY appreciated!!! And thank you so very much for taking the time to read this.

Jeremy Dunn
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  1. try making sure u have no irq conflicts
  2. juding by what u have said...

    test your ram with Memtest86. freeware proggy.
    this should detect any hard to spot ram errors.

    then test your CPU under load with seti@home, prime95, or toast!

    excessive lockups under load, should u get them, suggest overheating, or possibly insufficient power.

    lastly, PSU problems are hard to diagnose. though they often, but not always, occur more often when your doing lots of stuff.
    for this i suggest Motherboard monitor. another free proggy. :)
    then watch your voltages as your doing stuff,
    particularly the 3.3v, 5v and 12v lines.
    any excessive fluctuations (greater than about 0.2v) indicates a insufficient, poor or failing powersupply.

    hope this helps.

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  3. ICQ you!

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  4. What I've found is that lockups are generally not caused by memory errors. Memory errors usually cause random reboots, but rarely lockups.

    The most likely culprit in this case would be some IRQ conflict. It could very well be insufficient power or overheating--maybe not overheating of the CPU, but overheating of the gfx card or the like. GF3 cards and SoundBlaster cards have a habit of running rather warm.

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  5. I have to incist on the Audigy Conflicting with something (IRQ wise) AS if anyoen notices everything he mentioned as to when it randomly locks up involves Sound....

    ClickinG a Link (You Hear the clicking sound)
    DVD (Obviously theres Sound)
    Playing a Game (Agaain, obviously sound)
    Playign an MP3 (Self-Explanitory AGAIN)

    Anyways, try taking yoru soudn card right out of the computer.......boot her up...try and do stuff and see if its working properyl now, if it is, you know the problem is tyhe Crappy VIA Chipset.......

    If it makes no difference, i'd suspect a power supply instability problem.....anyhoo...

    Please mind my typo's if i have any I can barely see, i've been up since 2:30pm Sunday as I work Midnight shift aty my new work and I just got home....anyways, good luck....

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  6. Yup - or anything PCI related. Check your mobo, or irq's

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  7. This lets me think back to all those Via 686b Southbridge problems...

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  8. I just love posts like these! Testimonials on why NOT to buy AMD!

    Well all the money you saved sure is coming in handy now? ROFL @ U!
  9. AMD platform is known for retarded IRQ's, plug n play ceases to exsist on AMD platforms, plug n pray if you add or move any cards.

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  10. funny i haven't had any irq/mobo problems with my computer
    800mhz duron
    256mb ram pcc-133
    2 hd 1-10gb 1-20gb
    hercules sound card
    radeon 64mb vid card
    funny i thought all amds are unstable.
    but i have not had any problems with it.

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  11. Me either. I wonder what we're doing wrong...

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  12. ok...........sure..............

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  13. I'm running an AMD system without any problems. No overheating, no crashes (well, at least no BSOD, app crashes don't relate to the hardware), no IRQ conflict, no incompatible hardware or software. Hmm, maybe I'm not stressing my system enough? Maybe Prime95, Toast, AutoCAD 2000, Borland Delphi 5, IE, MS Office XP, Windows XP, ICQ, Windows Messenger, Adobe PhotoShop Elements, Easy CD Creator 5, Quake III, UT, Messiah, Star Trek: Armada, etc don't stress the CPU enough? Hmm, I guess I need to stress it more... Hmm, AMDMeltdown, maybe you can help me?

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  14. as usual. your decisive help has been greatly appreciated by all.

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  15. Im sure AMD_MAN posts helps this guy.

    The brutal truth might help others in the future when they make their CPU choice.

    Tell me did he make a good investment? how much money is he saving? is the aggravation worth the money saved? is he enjoying his superior performance?

    Hell no, he is sitting around with his thumb up his ass wondering what to do next. GG
  16. well at least amd_man and other try to help.
    what do u do?

    and what of all the others we dont see?
    u may notice the cpu section rarely gets posts like:
    "hi! im a newbie, and im having no problems what so ever with amd/intel/nvidia/ati/via etc"

    im hope you realise that boards only see the worst of things. rarely the best.
    and as such, AMD has been coined the "enthusiast" cp, rightly or wrongly. thus with more homebuilds one would expect more people on such boards than the thousands of dell/gateway/compac P4 users.

    users who are, no doubt, enjoying the P4/sdram combo. i feel sorry for the folks manning their helpdesks.

    hey.. i got a useful idea...
    instead of whining at people who have allready purchaced AMD computers, why no be proactive and try to get em before they buy...

    make your own anti amd site or somethin...

    now...im off to help someone. u?

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  17. That must be why I have four PCI cards and an AGP card, and nothing locks up (even when everything is on IRQ11).

    Plug-n-Play problems happen to all platforms. Competent technicians resolve them before blaming them on the CPU. :tongue:

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  18. seems to be a lot of problems with drivers other than those that came with xp,suggest you roll back drivers one at a time till your problem goes away
  19. Odd, I remove cards like every week from my comp and it's fine. And how does the fvcking processor affect IRQ- I could swear teh user sets that. Well, I guess for douche bags like u, u don't know how. Right off the bat, I have somthing against Intel- idiots like u endorse it. Are u one of teh blue men? Maybe the guy on teh scooter who got flung, causing head injury?

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  20. Yo, metalrocker, haven't seen u in a while- how's everything dude?

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  21. OK, sorry for not answering you right anyway. These trolls were in my way. Have you checked your temps? I doubt this is caused by IRQ conflicts. It's probably either due to overheating or a weak PSU or believe it or not, it could be due to a buggy USB peripheral. I've had a USB device (Laser Printer), that would sometimes cause the computer to freeze for no apparent reason. Once I reinstalled the drivers, it was fixed. I highly doubt it's a heat issue but it could be a weak PSU? Is it generic or made by a manufacturer such as Enermax or Antec?

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  22. There have been some problems reported with nvidias latest BETA BETA BETA BETA BETA (for the ati fans) drivers 23.11, go back to the whql ones on the nvidia site and that should clear things up.

    (btw, the beta drivers cause random lockups and reboots on some via chipsets).

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  23. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's not a heating problem. I had the case panel off and a normal kind of fan (The kind for cooling people off) blowing in there and it still kept freezing. Plus, as I said before, there is no relation to time the computer has been on and to when it freezes. If it was an overheating problem, I think it would have occured on a regular bases X amount of time after starting Y game. Running Seti@home manages to eventually freeze my machine, but not at the same time, each time. I haven't had a chance to diagnose my PSU yet, either.

    I switched around IRQ settings and nothing changed so I'm guessing it's not that either.

    The ram checking program is still running on that computer (How long do you think 1024mb of ram would take to check with that proggy on a Athlon XP 1800+?) It's been running for at least 8 hours (Started it around 10:30pm, checked it around 6:30am and it was still going.. Not sure where it's at now since I'm at school)

    I'm gonna try to run it without my audigy for awhile and see if that helps, I think I already tried that though.. I can't remember. But it can't hurt to try again.

    I've been getting these freezes since I first put my computer together a month ago, so I don't think it's because of drivers for anything, but I'll keep it in mind as a last resort. (I'm not to far away from reformatting and putting a copy of 2000 on there anyway =)

    Also, there are no USB devices connected to my computer at all.

    So I'm guesing it is a bad PSU. The PSU is a 300 watt Enlight that came with my case. Here is a shot of it

    Anywho, thanks for the help. Plenty to leads to go on now.

    Jeremy Dunn
  24. Wait- 23.11 is beta? I though 23.10 were.

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  25. Nvidias site says they are beta and unsupported try at your own risk, the 21.83's are the only whql certified ones they have.

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  26. The majority of people posting in these forums are hard core computer enthusiasts. So this means they read up on this stuff and are fairly informed. So this means they see an AMD solution as cheaper AND better performing thatn its intel counter part. So what happens then is they build an AMD system.

    So seeing as how most of this forum is running AMD based computers, its viable to figure most of the problems posted here are AMD related. I am willing to bet a few years back when intel was king, there were just as many Intel problems.

    On an on topic note:
    I would think your lock ups are power supply related. Check mobo monitor, as mentioned above, for voltage fluctations. I would think a 300 Watt PS should be ok there, but then again modern processors (not saying intel or AMD to avoid further troll wars) eat up alot of juice. It also could be over heating... Maybe the fan on your heat sink is not perfroming well.

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  27. The majority of hardcore enthusiasts may have AMD systems, but this is partly made up for by more people overall owning Intel systems (market share). The number of people visiting this forum who own Intel systems is probably a *lot* more than you think, but they don't post much because they generally don't have problems.
  28. The other side of that coin is that a lot of the people visiting these forums on Intel boxen either got a prebuilt or aren't building a new system. Newly built, untested systems endure some of their highest chances for failure right at the beginning of the build.

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  29. Wait, isn't that three sides?

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  30. I know, I've been gone for about hwo long, 2-3 weeks up until a couple days ago......scroll a few pages down the List and read my post "Hard Luck Story...."

    Very detailed explanation.....

    I'm ok now, but still getting used to working night shift....


    -MeTaL RoCkEr

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