My athlon XP and it's status

well i have a athlon XP 1600+ (1.4ghz) on the GA-7dxr

I'm using the global win FOP52 HSF i have the antec case SX1040B with 4 fans. 2 front 2 rear. cpu temp is 42C and case temp is about 23 give or take a couple degrees celcious.

i've had it running for ~4 days strait maybe more with not a problem and the temp stays pretty low at 42 most of the time.

I think it's the case that can make a difference on how hot your cpu is. A good case will have a fan by the cpu and a fan in the front. Mine just happens to have 2 for each side :)

Just to give others an idea. My house will not burn down. lol!

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  1. yes.
    proper case ventilation is very important.

    the HSF can only cool well when the surrounding air is nice and cool too.

    and u really dont need all that much.
    im just running one rear case fan and getting good mobo temps of mid to high 20's.

    due to my CRAP case, i actually removed the front fan. temps barely changed and the noise went down alot.

    i also wrote down my temps as room temp varied.
    there is a very linear relationship between room temp, mobo temp, and cpu temp.

    a good HSF keeps the cpu temp closer to the motherboard temp... and good case cooling keeps the mobo close to ambient.
    very logical really. :)

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  2. But do you need case fans if your system is running stable?
    I know it's cheap and easy to install one but the noise worries me. The HSF is already noisy enough.

    My brothers system is an AXP 1600+ with the Volcano 6Cu HSF. He gets ~42C on a normal load and upto ~48C on a heavy load. His case temp is like ~39C.

    Another thing that wories me is that his DVD, and burner gets pretty warm sometimes (the cd is warm when just used in the drive for a while).
  3. A non overclocked cpu with the stock heatsink, can operate fine with plenty of space in the case, if your case is tight and cramped NO CHIP would work fine, not just the axp, you may not require a case fan, however if your case is constricted I would reccomend one, for ANY cpu.

    Casefans are silent if you get the right kind.

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    No Overclock+stock hsf=GOOD!
  4. A case temp of 39 is pretty high. WHile it seems your cpu is fine with that (42-48 is perfectly fine for a cpu), I can image your harddisk and DVD/CDR dont like this. I mean, my 7200rpm harddisk doesnt even go beyond 35° on the surface.

    If noise bothers you (it should), install a big slow case fan. ENermax has nice models with a built in reostat that allows you to balance speed for noise. My borther has 2 in his case on minimum speed, not a whisper, and keeps his (albeit very big) case quite cool.

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  5. 39C?

    to hot man.

    all you need is one slow speed rear casefan and u can loose 5-10C.

    high case temps are not only bad for the CPU, they are also bad on your drives and graphics card.

    all u need is a bit of airflow to make a big difference!

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  6. you guys and your hot cpus worries - it's the hard disks i worry about! here in malaysia it's always 30 degrees and my case temperature is always 38 degrees - with 2 case fans. my 4 hard disks were cause for concern, getting pretty warm, so i just blocked up every cooling hole in my case and left the fronts off the hard disk slots. hey presto, lots of air sucked straight over my hard disks.

    cpu = athlon 1ghz no o/c, standard cheap fan.
    cpu temperature, courtesy of abit kt7a 'superhot n stable' recent bios - 59 degrees idle, 62 degrees full load.

    thats right, my cpu runs at 60 degrees approx all the time. i o/c'd to 1100 but then it was more like 66 degrees. no lockups at all. the electron migration will probably kill it in a couple of years, but then it will be in the bin anyway!
  7. too hot huh? i can just imagine what kind of temps my brothers box is gonna get in the summer.

    i guess i'll add a rear fan first. i'll try to find the enermax case fans (goes with the enermax PSU) in my area because my local dealer only has Sunon 8cm ball bearing chassis fan.

    Anyony know if that fan is ok? its only $10 cnd.

    thx for all your suggestions everyone
  8. general question...if you only had one case fan, where would you put it, as intake fan on the bottom of the case, or an exhaust fan in the back of the case?

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  9. true. the other good reason for adequate case cooling.

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  10. definately exhaust fan. in the position right behind the CPU.
    suck away that hot air real good.

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  11. Sunon has decent fans to choose from.

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  12. Hey sorry for the delay in responding... had big final yesterday for cse305 (programming languages) freakin hard dude! holy s'

    ok anyway.. one fan where wuold you put?

    put in the rear by the cpu. you want it facing out so it will blow the hot air out and not the room temperature in.
    doing that should lower your case temp from 1-10C ... depends on the case really and conditions of where you have your computer.

    the ideal way to do it is to have a case fan in the lower front and a rear fan in the upper back. this creates an air flow and cools off all your components. having 2 on each side is optimal. Loud yes but if your overclocking it's a good idea and if your system is crashing and rebooting all the time i bet if you put a fan in the front and the rear you'll see a big improvement.

    reason why i got the antec sx1040B is because my full tower case was just really bad.

    a duron 750: temp 48, case temp was close to 37.

    here is why... there were two fans on the top ... however the power supply was right below. I had a fan in the front but the hit air couldn't go anywhere because the power supply was in the way and the small hole where i had cables running through was pretty much blocked because of the cables.

    I had a hard drive cooler on my hard drive and i went to touch it had to have been 50C at least with a fan on it! even the videocard and soundcard was hot too.

    my computer was locking up and rebooting all the time.

    With my new antec case temps cpu dropped to 33, case was 22.
    no lockups no reboots and i had this computer runing for 7 days strait.

    just want to point out the importance of a decent case and case cooling.

    Thats if your temps were like mine you might want to consider buying some fans or a newcase even.

    sorry for the long post but thought to generalize it for everyone.

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  13. thanks...i had one case fan and put it on the bottom of my case as an intake fan (i plan on buying another case fan though).
    my cpu temp would be 40C idle and case temp is about 30C.
    then i moved the fan to the back of the case as an exhaust.
    now, my cpu temp is 35C and case temp hasnt gone higher than 26C.
    thanks for the reply.'d you do on the cse305 final yesterday. not to bad i hope.
    i had a calculus final yesterday too...i cried through the entire test (not literally of course).

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  14. put a fan in the front it might drop a few more.. :)

    holy crap ... dude calculus is a cake walk compared to this!

    consider this.. i had to learn 4 languages in 3 months!
    scheme, ML, prolog, and Erlang! guess what was on the final?
    scheme, prolog and erlang. i don't think i saw ML code but dude it all looks the same after 3 months!

    test was out of 120 and i needed a 50 to pass the course... lol i don't know dude it was a hard exam!

    as for calculus .. calc 2 is much easier :)

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  15. Do you have your case on the floor or on a desk?

    Just wondering if it would be cooler on the floor or make no difference.
  16. My case is on the floor. It weighs a good 75-100 pounds. No way in hell i'd but that on my desk! Thing is freakin huge. And my recycled wooden piece of shi't desk would probably split in half. i'm not exagerrating ... it is already bending in the middle.

    putting it on the desk also creates a problem as you risk bumping your desk and it tipping over or even just a slight smack can ruin the hard drive.

    so ya put it on the floor. Much better place for it.

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  17. You must be using a 70+ pound 21+ inch monitor on that bending desk.
  18. lol!

    no this desk is old!

    let me tell you how old it is!

    We used it to put our top of the line pentium 133 (no mmx) with 32 whopping megs of RAM. We had a kick ass cannon printer BJ4000! (oooo!) and! a cool little gadget where you can turn off everything in the front and we'd put the monitor on top of that. Just after 3 years it concaved lol.

    It's just really old! 5-6 years old.

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  19. i had my computer desk since my 486 SX 25 mHz (top of the line at the time)
    it had 4 mb of ram (upgraded to 8)
    300 mb HD (upgraded to 1.3 gig)
    1x cd rom
    and running windows 3.1

    as of feb of 2002, my computer desk will be 10 years old (and i still have my 25 mhz computer in the living room where my dad plays solitare on, which is all its good for right now).

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  20. I have like a small solid oak desk in my room that is like over 8 years old. Its still in near mint condition except for scatches.

    What use to sit on top of that is my awesome pentium 133 loaded with 64 meg of 60ns sdram. As a manner of fact, I'm using it as i type this in. It's now sitting on the floor.

    I use to have a canon bjc4100, which was my favorite cause it was so easy to refill those cartridges
  21. lol wow you bastard lol

    i had a 486sx25
    4mb of ram (upgraded to 8 to play doom)
    about a 240MB drive... or it was a 120.. i'm not sure.
    running windows 3.1 and (was dos 5 upgraded to dos 6.2(i think)), later windows95.

    now that was top of the line my friend!
    actually i may have gottin that 10 years ago.. actually ya it was 10 years ago i think... damn don't remember... about 10 anyway.. so maybe the desk is that old too? damn memory worthless as far as i'm concerned lol. 1.3gb... dude that is huge! i remember years back at computer city (that store is no longer around here anyway) i bought a 6GB drive and i was like, ooo ya top of the line lol ... now i have a 30gb and more then half of it is full lol.. damn my hobbies lol
    20gb is full about. *nods*

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  22. my 486 SX wouldnt even run doom.
    it barely ran printshop (not photoshop) and it took forever to print with my epson dot matrix (loud btw) was color too

    I don't claim to know anything about everything, I just tell people what I know.
  23. lol you bastard! you had a color dot matrix! i had a black and white. ... loud as a mother ... we had the dot matrix first... then got the cannon printer. ya doom with 4 megs of ram was impossible... added another 4 megs of ram for 200 bucks and got doom running it was soo cool!

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  24. My first dot matrix printer printed very very slowly if I put it on the "best" quality, which I needed to do often. I had a 26 page paper due and it took over 10 hours to print. That was of course on day two though since on day one it jammed.

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