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which temp is more accurate....i have two ways of looking this up...one is in bios and the other is a windows app dat came along with m/b.... the app is about 5 degrees off... which is more accurate??
for an athlon 40-50 degrees C is ok for the cpu right??

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  1. I would say the BIOS is the most accurate. Do you know which app you're using. If it's Asus PCProbe then I won't trust it.
    Your temps are fine if the system isn't unstable.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  2. I believe most people use the freeware <A HREF="http://mbm.livewiredev.com" target="_new">motherboard monitor</A> (at least i do). its gives pretty acurate readings.

    If you are using asus probe, it is really bad, even the asus bois gives inaccurate readings.
  3. hahaha
    {mental telapathy on}
    your using asus probe right? ;)
    [/mental telapath off]

    use the bios temps. and get download motherboard monitor. its nice. and its accurate. nuff said.

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  4. I just installed MBM, and it seems to work ok, but I was wondering about the definition of the "idle temp" and "full load temp" terms I see thrown all over the place in here. I would assume "idle" is the temperature you'd get by getting into your BIOS before Windows starts. "Full load" though, I am not sure of. For example, my BIOS reads my CPU temp at 48-49C and my case temp as 26C in what I call "idle." With Windows up, a few programs started, and DSL going, (i.e., right now) CPU temp is 53C and case temp is 27C. Would this be called "full load" or not?
  5. very good questions!

    generally, idle temp is that which it sits at, in windows, when your doing nothing.
    however, that temp may be different from sitting in the bios.
    even different versions of windows handle the HALT commands for the CPU differently.

    with my cpu idle is around 35-36C with win2k.
    but i can get cooler!
    if i use a special program (cpucool) i can block unnecessary cpu cycles, cooling it down to almost the same level as the motherboard.

    FULL LOAD is also subjective.
    most applications, while using 100% of the cpu, arnt actually using all the pipelines available.

    i.e. running my default numbercruncher UD cure for cancer, i get 41C. should i run seti@home or prime95, i get 42C.

    for the athlon, i know of only one program that utilises ALL the cpu's pipelines.

    its called Toast and is specially designed only for athlons/durons/XP's.
    now THAT gets my cpu up to 44C.

    but for most people, seti@home or prime95 or sandra are good for "full load" testing.

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  6. Ok, so why am I running almost 15 degrees (C) hotter in idle than you are? My specs are as follows:
    -Athlon XP 1700+ w/ Antec "Jetcool" cooler and Antec Reference silver thermal compound
    -Asus A7V-266 mobo
    -512MB DDR RAM (Crucial)
    -Visiontek GeForce3 Ti-200
    -Antec dual-fan 350W PSU
    -Windows XP Pro
    -Superpower mid-tower case with 2 80mm fans.

    Right now, with IE 6, a couple of messenger programs, and Media Player playing MP3s, I am running 52C (CPU) and 26C. (case)
  7. That's a little bit high, I think your HSF is crappy.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  8. Have to agree, antec makes good cases but not so good hsf.

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  9. Yep crappy cooler, but let me clue you into a little secret sdausmus.....you may have heard me say it before.

    Why do your temps bother you? Is your pc locking up without cause randomly, and if so, is it due to heat(ie running stressful apps when the lockup occurs) I dont think it is, why then is your idle and load temp on your mind so much? Perhaps you have been infected with a fear, a fear alot of intel troll and amd hardcore overclockers alike have instilled in every innocent amd user. The fear of the overheating athlon, well, let me tell you brother. You dont have to be afraid anymore, AMD saw fit to include with your athlon a perfectly good heatsink, and even if you bought your own, if it is running and not locking up, you my friend are perfectly safe.

    So I want you to do something for me.....uninstall mbm, uninstall asus probe, take a deep breath and actually USE your computer instead of watching the temp meter go up and down and up and down, just to catch a glimps of 50C so you can curse and buy a 60 dollar heatsink.

    Repeat after me my friend, if it does not lock up, the temprature matters not. Once you accept this you can be free of your addiction, yes sir, its an addiction, an addiction to heatsinks and temprature probes, and it has wasted many an AMD user to nothingness....its a damn shame to see someone as bright as you caught in its evil grasp. Let the temps go...........before its too late.

    (Incase anyone didnt catch it, most of that post was in jest, however the message is honest and true, if your pc isnt locking up, you have no heat issue.)

    Have a nice day friends.

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    No Overclock+stock hsf=GOOD!
  10. well one reason is that im using arguably the BEST air cooled heatsink you can possibly get...

    also, motherboard, airflow and brand have alot to do with it.
    a while back i changed from asus to iwill (both the kt133a chipset)
    reported temps dropped 8C for cpu and 4C for mobo.
    same chip, case, cooler etc.


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