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Help, I have an ongoing issue, that I just can't figure out. I have Windows XP Pro with media player 9 on it and I cannot play video files. When I try to play them, sometimes they will work, but other times the whole computer will freeze and I have to hard boot the computer. I have an AMD 2000+, GeForce 4 Ti4400, 512MB ram. I have a good enough system to play the files, but just can't. I have also tried different players and also killing all the processes that I can in the background. Nothing helps! Help!
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  1. Did this happen right after you installed WM9 or a bit before or after?

    It sounds like your codecs are possible hosed/corrupted. That's the reason why the other media players are affected as well. What media files are you trying to open? Mpg, AVI, WMV, Divx etc...
    Do have a problem with all or just individual movies. Also are you having any other system problems besides playing movies. Does this problem occur during any other activities?

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  2. I really don't remember if I even tried to play the files before I updated to 9. It is pretty much a fresh build. I have reinstalled the codecs with that "base" codecs installer thing. It seems to be just the .avi files, but I really don't have any other types of video files to test with. It is not the same file that it has probles with. Somedays I will not have a problem and other days I will have problems left and right. It is very spiratic. This is the only problem that I am having. The computer is working just fine other that this anoying problem.
  3. Since your not getting a error code and it's randomly freezing only with movies I cant give you a definate answer to your problems. :smile: I have no idea what could be wrong, the only thing I've ever seen with that problem is when someone was using the default XP drivers with thier video card. You could try updating your drivers for your chipset, video, and sound cards. It could be any one of these. Or even try a system restore and see if WMP8 works better for you. Also try turning down Hardware Acceleration a notch or two. First for video and then for sound and see if that helps out at all.

    Good luck!

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