AMD doesn't work with EverQuest

Apparently EverQuest is having problems with AMD processors again... Why?
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  1. my brother plays everquest all the time on his AMD Athlon 600. in fact he was playing last night when I got home.

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  2. >my brother plays everquest all the time...AMD Athlon 600.


    <i>"Hello all,

    For those not up to speed on the issue, users of K6, K6/2, and some Athlon processors are
    crashing when attempting to enter Shadowhaven.

    Just wanted to let you know that we're still working on this issue. We've acquired several
    systems with this problem from EQ players in the area and are close to a solution. We think
    that the problem has to do with <b>floating-point calculations</b> and some issues that were
    present in the K6 and early Athlon lines. We'll be sure to keep you informed as we have
    more information.

    Thank you for your continued patience.

    - Gordon"</i>

    the fact that the game makers know the issues revolving around the Athlon platform is painfully clear, nice attempt at damage control.

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  3. Is this the same <A HREF="" target="_new">Gordon</A> that I think it is?

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  4. K6's and K6-2's not working well don't surprise me. I had friends who never liked the performance they got from either chip. Early Athlons having problems surprise me somewhat, but apparently its only early, pre-Thunderbird chips.
  5. EQ sucks, why would you want to play it?

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  6. melty really likes ressurecting those old well known, beaten to death issues doesnt he?

    and yes... EQ suck more than my 80mm delta. :)

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  7. December 9th an old issue?

    They have 600,000 players world wide?

    Im sure a decent percetage is AMD based.
  8. most likely.
    of those,
    many, if not most, will be modern athlons/durons which were not prone to that particular bug.

    of those that were, according to the article only a small number of chips actually sported the defect.

    so the numbers affected will be pretty small.

    give me serious sam, red faction and BG2 anyday :)

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  9. Is this Shadowhaven place a part of a new expansion of the game or something? Cause I know my old roommate used to play Everquest(still does to my knowledge), on a K6-2 450 and never had a problem...

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  10. it was only a very small number of chips that had this problem.
    so in most cases a k6-2 would work fine

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