i've recently built a new system, with an amd 1.2 ghz retail cpu... i had to reseat the cpu after i attached the heatsink..everything was doin' ok but today when i was playing max payne it froze on me....that was my first real test of the cpu since i've only did little things with my system prior to today.....when i reseated some of the thermal pad was melted onto the cpu but i resteat neways.... windows temp is about 50 degrees C should i go and buy some artic silver and do away with the thermal pad??
becuase i don't want this happening again when i game

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  1. wy do u automatically blame the CPU?

    as it crashed when u tried a GAME i would suggest u look at your video card first.

    and as for the thermal pad...

    it SHOULD be a use once only thermal solution.
    u are supposed to mount the HSF, then the heat from the cpu melts the pad into place.

    reseating the heatsink with the same pad there is NOT reccomended.

    50C is a fine temp. however should u use thermal paste u may find that temp being reduced by 1-5C.

    your call.
    personally i would FIRST determine what the problem is.

    1. download latest drivers for everything.
    2. download latest motherboard drivers.
    2. download latest game patch.
    3. run some CPU intensive apps. see if your PC crashes with just those, if not, its highly unlikely its a CPU problem.
    4. come back later with the results

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  2. Probably your video card. Could be your power supply, video cards use a lot more current when doing 3D rendering. And the CPU is a little warm for an idle temp, but I don't think artic silver alone will bring down the temp, you might consider better case cooling. The easiest way to tell if it's a heat problem is to remove the cover and blow a fan into the case.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  3. why do i automatically blame the cpu???? well mainly i do because i've had other systems lock up the same way and it was always the cpu... other computers had heatsink problems, etc, but it had something to do with the cpu... i kno this because i've had it happen to me... and yes i already considered the vid card and other posibilities before i posted.... its just dat i wanted the opinion of the community

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  4. If yu really did kno, yu wood kno dat reyoosing the pad iz a bad idea.

    Your assumption sounds wrong. This might just be a simple error on your part. Easily solved. Go out and get some ASII and apply it according to their website. It can't hurt. Reseating the CPU shouldn't have been done. The pad is a one-use deal. I would get the AS2 on your CPU and then get back to us if you still have a problem. There are instructions there for cleaning the goo off as well.

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  5. You really should try crashman's idea though and let us know what happens.

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  6. i think it's more an operator problem than a cpu problem. i thought it was printed pretty clearly in the manual that the thermal pad is ONLY to be used once. but that's probably just me reading too far into things as usual.

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  7. Some information about heatsink compound <A HREF="http://www.hardocp.com/reviews/cooling/compound/" target="_new">here</A>.
    But 50c temperature seems good.
  8. my system runs stable otherwise...it's just the other day it locked up.... the thermal pad didn't melt into place all the way considering that i turned off my system after the cpu didn't intialize....if the thermal pad melted all the way into place then i wouldn't have used it and would have gotten some more thermal paste....but yea i just wanted the community's opinion about having my system not lock up under hotter conditions...like when room temp and chasis temp are really hot.... i guess wat i really want to do is just make sure my system never locks up due to heat issues.. u kno??
    thanks for everybody's help

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