My windows 7 disc wont work on laptop but works on desktop?

I burned a backup copy of my windows 7 disc and it works on my desktop but when I try to reinstall Windows on my laptop, it doesn't work.

Like when I try to go to boot menu and choose cd drive it acts like there's no disc in there or something and it doesn't say "Press any key to continue..."

I've also already tried setting boot options up in bios still not working.

Anyone know what the problem is?

I burned it on a dual layer 8.5 disc and also a one layer 4.7 disc and both the same.
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  1. You only get one license per copy, which is married to your motherboard. You need to buy a second license for the laptop. Making a copy of a windows OS disk and trying to instal it on another computer is piracy.
  2. what the laptop make and model?
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