Duron problem plz help!

I have an Abit kt7a motherboard and recently bought a duron 1ghz processor. The thing is that whenever I try to boot the system I get no response. The harddrive loads but there is no "bios beep" or display. I´ve tried the cpu with other boards with the sam result, and earlier with another cpu. Can there bwe some kind of voltage problem?
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  1. No Voltage problem, what u have to do is find an Athlon T-Bird or Slower Duron processor, stick it into your Motherboard, an UPDATE the bios to the newest version, than pop your 1GHz Duron back in and it'll work fine......

    The problem is that your BIOS is to old to recognize the Morgan Core Duron OR i shoudl say the Derivative of the Palomino core...AND your current bios isnt recognizing the CPU properly.....I had the same prob. with a neighbours computer, so i borrowed a friend 800MHz Athlon T-Bird popped it in, installed Windows with it, than updated the bios than swapped the Duron 1GHz back in and it worked 100% perfectly fine... =)

    -MeTaL RoCkEr

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