Inspiron 15 3520 Video Driver Downgrading Problems

I received a Dell Inspiron 15 3520 as a gift this Christmas. After playing with Windows 8, I decided to upgrade (downgrade) to Windows 7. So far, every driver downloaded has either worked or done nothing (which is fine) but the video drive has blue screen my computer after updating from both the Dell website and from Device Manager update. I'd like to have a working video card, but I'm afraid that Windows 7 does not support the HD video card in this laptop.

Has anyone had similar issues or know how to fix it?

I contacted Dell and they just wanted money.... screw you Dell :hello:
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  1. Check this link Just make sure you know which Video Card or chip you have.
  2. please how did u downgrade to windows 7
  3. please how did u downgrade to windows 7....I'm in need of help here
  4. miltonaddai said:
    please how did u downgrade to windows 7

    Please create your own thread, name it Downgrading to Win7.
    State your model, current Windows - this way someone will help you.
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