Athlon MP vs. P4 Xeon

Does anyone know if Tom's Hardware will post an Athlon MP vs. Intel P4 Xeon? I've seen reviews comparing the 1200MP to the 1.7 xeons, and recently a review on Dual 1900+MP, 1800+MP, 1200MP, and dual 1ghz Duron (yes, it's too bad intel won't dual it's celerons) -- but no Xeon! I really want to see 1900+ MP (and the Tom's Hardware-special 2000+MP) head-to-head with the Xeon 1.8,1.9, and 2.0ghz. I have a feeling that AMD will clean up, but I want to see it!

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  1. Well I can't say Tom or anyoen else who writes the reviews at THG will do a Xeon review Vs. Athlon i suggest you head over to these 2 links:

    <A HREF="" target="_new"> Here </A>
    <A HREF="" target="_new"> Here </A>

    Check out there reviews of the P4 Xeon Vs. Athlon MP

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  2. Is there a 2.0GHz Xeon? I didn't think it was out yet.

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  3. There is, but it's very, very scarce. Search for it on PriceWatch, and there's <b>one place</b> that actually sells the part by itself.

    There's also two or three companies (IBM, Compaq, and maybe one other company) advertising 2GHz Xeon workstations on PriceWatch. That and the ad for the Xeon by itself took up all of one page. =/

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