Signs of of dead motherboard

Hello, I have recently been "volunteered" my my mother to fix one of her colleges laptop.

The laptop is a Medion branded pink laptop (I am not sure of the model it is at the moment as I do not have the laptop here).

Upon pressing the power button the laptop powers on but does nothing at all, the screen does not even turn on and glow black. There is no hard drive activity at all nor any beep codes, it just sits there.

Things I have tried;

Running it from just the power brick (Which I checked the voltages using a multimeter and found it outputs 19V which is what this laptop requires.

Clearing the CMOS by removing the CMOS battery and holding down the power button for 30 seconds then leaving the laptop for 5 minutes without the battery inserted.

Reseating the processor, one thing that could be a clue is that the heat-sink vent was completely blocked with dust so something could have been cooked.

Reseating and swapping the RAM.

Running it with just the processor and ram installed and using an external monitor (Shows no signal).

When connected to a SATA to USB adaptor the hard drive shows up on my PC, but the hard drive would not be the problem in this case.

So far nothing has worked which has lead me to believe that the motherboard is dead or the processor (or something else on the motherboard) has gotten so hot due to the blocked vents that it has suffered heat damage.

Has anyone got any last attempt suggestions before I let my mother know that her colleges laptop is toast.

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  1. I meant colleague's laptop, for some reason it will not allow me to edit the post.
  2. I think you've pretty much covered everything based on your description above. Sounds like it's dead alright.
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