I thought it was an AMD post while reading......

Guys, especially FUGGER and Intel_INside and amdMELTDOWN< you always point out to us about how AMD "pup's" are always adding case fans galore, and praying everytime they power on there computer and all that, btu whoa, look at <b><A HREF="http://forums.anandtech.com/messageview.cfm?catid=28&threadid=652857" target="_new"> THIS </A></b>.

What's going on here guys ???

I thought this kind of stuff was only for AMD users to worry about...CPU Temps, using ASII, Extra Case Fans, Better HSF.......Anyways.....my point is, BOTH CPU Manufacturer's REQUIRE certain things....thsi guy with his Beloved 1.9GHz P4 even says how its unstable at certain temps.....interesting to say the least........

-MeTaL RoCkEr

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  1. Too true MetalRocker...check out my recent post entitled <i>Mobile P4 suffering from heat exhaustion !</i>

    Laptops with a Mobile P4 will need to have two fans installed to keep the little beast cool enough to run.

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  2. Do you really think they will listen, they are so much in love with intel they will see no bad in it.......


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  3. Quote:
    then put ati radeon in it went up to 141f
    i drilled the case put 2 fans in and now 98f
    and lots more stable

    That's a really big difference from two case fans.

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  4. As far as I know they produce almost the same amount of heat.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  5. Indeed it is FatBurger, but you do understand my point with thsi post right ? it would have done the same to both an AMD & Intel....

    svol.....they are quite similar in the amount of heat they produce, yes.....btu my point to thsi post is...well look at what these guy's are saying...there P4 si overheatign Etc. and there tellign him to add at least 2 case fans and possiblt a nwe HSF and soem ASII etc.......thats stuff accordign to FUGGER and amdMELTDOWN that only AMD Mongrels do so they can claim they have Stability....

    BTW, on the Anandtech Forum there, if you scroll down, there is quite a few more peopel with problrms withthere PIII's and P4's..........

    And I belivee it was Kelledin, who braught up the point in another post, but from a guestiment, i'd say 80% of the THG Forum members are using AMD machines, which WOULD explainw hy theres more posts concerning AMD based systems.......
    over at Anandtech, I'd say it's more like 65% AMD and 35% Intel......which is still HUGE........

    Anyhoo, my point proven.....

    -MeTaL RoCkEr

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