Gaming laptop for under $1000, thinking about a Sager NP5165

I just built an i5-2500k gaming desktop, but unfortunately i get kicked out of the room i put it in frequently and i am a student and i need a laptop for school. i just sold my macbook and its time for another laptop, i have decided against another macbook simply because of graphics cards, apple, seriously, get BETTER GPUS!!!! at a better price. id like to keep it under $1000, and i know that that is a bit hard to find a decent gamer for my price so i am thinking about a sager np5165/clevo w150hr. id like to get a sager np8150, but id have to wait longer for it and id like to buy sooner rather than later. if you HIGHLY suggest saving for an np8130 or 8150 then please say so. i also do some work with solidworks, but i plan on keeping most of that on my i5 rig.

for about $950 i can get:
nvidia 555m graphics
HDD optical bay caddy [for second HDD]
500gig HDD
5GHz wireless N dual band card [noticeably faster than 2.4GHz!!]
ill upgrade the RAM and add the second HDD in the coming months, preferably an SSD boot drive, but ill put an SSD in my i5 rig first
its also nice that id have 2 computers with USB 3.0, so it would finally be viable to get a USB 3.0 flash drive and other products.
one plus to 555m graphics is battery life.

i know the 560m and the 460m are better, but im not looking for ultra high settings, just med-high. i have my desktop for ultra XD.

well if anyone has suggestions about whether or not this is a good selection, or if you recommend something else please let me know, ill be ordering in mid July. clevos from my understanding and research are the best way to go if your on a budget and want the best specs for the buck. its hard to find an i7q and 555m for under $1000

also if you think i should splurge more on my i5 and get a cheaper laptop like a vostro v130, or an asus dual core atom that is also a valid suggestion
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  1. If you're fine with medium settings,then go for it.
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