AMD 1600 XP - temperature!! Please help!

I have an AMD 1600 XP it is running at 60 degrees C.. is this ok or not? It doesn't go higher. I have 3 additional fans in the case(ATX full tower). Have a good sink and fan as well.

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  1. 60 degrees is a bit high, yes. Still within operational parameters, though. When you say it doesn't go any higher, you mean that the temperature you register in your BIOS is the exact same temp you register after playing an hour straight of, say, Quake III or Max Payne, etc.? If that's the info your computer is giving you, I'd say something's out of wack. Either the program you're running to measure temp. or the motherboard's own monitor...
  2. That sounds high, but if it's stable, then don't worry about it. What MB are you using? Some boards are known to display the the temp too high.

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  3. The maximum temperature that your CPU can handle is 95'C. So you need to minus +- 10 degrees from that (because thermisters are hardly ever "reliable", and also to be on the safe side) and you get 85'C. If ur CPU ever approaches 70 - 80, I would consider this bad.

    The climate that I live in is usually 28'C, and my Athlon T-Bird (1.533) Sits happily at 54-59 under HEAVY stress so I reckon you should look into cooling solutions. But as long as it doesn't go above 65, you should be fine. [though the higher the temperature, the lower the lifespan of your CPU]

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  4. I am using the asus A7v266 mb. I take the side panel off and it drops to 55.. Since I am doing rendering etc it gets really high.(65) I think it has to do with the air flow. I am thinking of cutting a hole in the side of my poanel and mounting a huge sucker fan..

    When rendering I am taking the panel off and directing an external fan at the cpu... keeps it cool.


    ps - I am a bit pissed as I didn't expect that much in the way of heat. :P

    thanks for the replys
  5. thats a bit extreme dont u think?

    a single med-powered rear casefan should help alot.

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  6. Here some thing strange. I been useing the SiSoft Sandra shows a lower temp 40 to 49. the bios is showing higher and the program shows higher like 55 to 62. Stable and fast. and that on amd athlon 1800 MSI mother board dont know how reliable there temp is.
  7. If you are using the Asus Probe, it is known to give bad readings.

    Just double check your case fans so their drawing/blowing air in the right direction so you don't mess up the air flow in your case.
  8. Atol, if it is not locking up it is most certainly within a safe thermal limit, lockups occur around 60C(your results may vary), damage to the chip does not occur untill 90C so your pc will lock up long before being damaged.

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  9. Yes I know but I want to over clock it. If I put it at 140/280fsb it runs great but man the temp shows 68f At full load.
  10. And at that temp is it locking up atol?

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  11. I have 3 internal fans already. One sucker at bottom(AOpen HX08 full tower case) and 2 blowers at top. There is some cable congestion which I may try to eliviate.

    As for locking up. It hasn't yet.

    I think I will run with the side panel off. As long as that is ok... I don't want to throw the money out the window..


    thanks again everyone
    ps - where can I get anopther temperature reader?
  12. well I have two fan blowing on the cpu one is a large fan that blows on the motherbard and cpu and the cpu fan and the ps fan. When My room gets too hot I can drop my Room temp from 80 to 60 in a few mins. By opening the two windows in my room then shut them which helps alot.
  13. the limit is 95°C

    but the normal ° is 55°C

    i have an "old" Athlon 1.33 overclock to 1.533 & is temp is just 45°C-50°C

    but i have an old box & when i close it the temp raise to 55°C ! 5° to 10°C more !

    try to open your box for 20 min, & if temp go down
    you have a pb with your box cooling &/or your cpu cooling

    & normaly your cpu hit less

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  14. sorry i can't resist cause its just a tad funny...

    "The maximum temperature that your CPU can handle is 95'C. So you need to minus +- 10 degrees from that"

    if you go +10 over the FRY. :))
  15. I don't think you will have problems, but that does seem a little high. Is it in a hot room? I have my computer in a decently cool room, and the case is a Antec Workstation Tower. I have 2 case fans in mine, and mine runs at a max of 48 degrees C. Most of the time 44-46 degrees. I figure when I add 1 more fan in the front to blow in, that should drop it a couple more degrees. Just an fyi...
  16. what exactly IS your heat sink fan?
    with this one bit of info we can figure out the problem. Also what is between your CPU and your HSF can make a considerable difference.
    I had a friend that slapped his HSF on his CPU and it turned out he never took the piece of plastic off that was covering the thermal goop and he always had considerably higher temperatures then he should have.
  17. I'm just getting into the high heat market myself.I was interested in buying the same processor that you have,so your thread caught my attention.3 fans seems to be more than sufficient.I work on complex high heat electronics,and have a few suggestions.
    * Dont leave the cover off if you can help it..Your mobo will become a dust mop.
    *Make sure you have good thermo conductivity from the cpu to the heat sink.The heat has to be able to "flow" out.
    * Make sure your fans intake is clear of dust and lint.Clean the filters if you have any.
    Just a few ideas off the top of my head.....:)

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  18. Damn, 3 case fans! I have an XP1600 (not overclocked) with NO case fans and a coolermaster hsf. Max temp under load is 48c. If i take the side off my temp dips to about 42c.
    But if your not getting any lockups....don't worry about it.
  19. and he said that using sandra gives him completely different temps...

    i wuld suggest he gets MBM. see if it agrees with sandra. if it does, ignore the other.



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  20. personally, i dont see a difference with the addition of a front intake fan. I mean, the air gets in anyway.
    Unless of course you have an airtight case, which is a bit like rocking horse poo.

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