Who is your favorite Dubstep/Hardstyle artist?

I'm getting into these two genres and want to know who the good people are within these genres

thanks in advance
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  1. ActionHobo said:
    I'm getting into these two genres and want to know who the good people are within these genres

    thanks in advance

    With dubstep im really into the original stuff made by Bar9, Rusko, Caspa, Emalkay and Giant. I dont like any of that bullcrap that skrillex and borgor make, and personally think they have destroyed dubstep and the uniqueness of its sound and genre and very very rarely like any of skrillex's stuff. To me skrillex is just heavy electro but what annoys me is people claim it as dubstep. Today Skrillex, Borgor and Knife Party are the more popular so-called dubstep artists and its what everybody listens to.

    Im not a huge fan of hardstyle and i rarely listen to it so i cant really suggest any good dj's. Maybe Amp Attack, Josh & Wesz, NoiseConrollers and Hardstyle Masters.
    You should also get into Drum & Bass aswell, its dubstep but without the huge bass drops and the beat is a lot faster.
  2. I listen to a lot of Hardstyle, but I don't have one favourite.
    Well I like Blademasterz, it's Brennan Heart's other name.
    I also like Noisecontrollers and Wasted Penguinz.
    Headhunterz has some good tracks. Scope Dj has a few sick tarcks and so does the Da Tweekas.

    Usually I listen to ( You should listen to it.
  3. You could also subscribe to TheLegendaryUploadzz on youtube (
    They upload the latest tracks from the official artist websites and also promote new promising artists.

    I don't know a lot about dubstep, I don't like it very much.
  4. I'm a big fan of, Deadmau5, Skrillex (don't care what that dude up there said) and Bassnectar.
  5. listen to digitally imported (DI) from your pc or from your smartphone. another good channel is dubbase or allelectroradio. you should be able to find some artists that way. i have no favorites. offers weekly free song downloads for dubstep.

    skrillex has some okay tunes once in awhile. i find scary monsters & stuff to be hilarious.

    deadmau5 isnt dubstep or hardstyle but definitely worth checking out.

    daft punk, pendulum, flux pavillion and dodge & fuski are also worth checking out
  6. i love dubstep :)
    just listen to anything really
  7. Excision
    Seven Lions

    you guys should listen to Going Quantum podcast

  8. He really does awesome songs
  9. First let me start by saying I respect all choices in music. After listening to dubstep for a few months I just feel it's overrated, overplayed and the musicians underskilled. With that being said I am a huge fan of hardstyle and gabber type music. I would definitely check out Showtek, Headhunterz, Blutonium Boy, Brennan Heart, The Prophet and Technoboy. Those should give you a very good start into Hardstyle.
  10. @kit

    the same could be said about any music genre. i would say that the problem is in a lack of effort and not lack of skill. instead of spending the time to create something truley unique and beautiful many artists just push quantity.

    for bassheads dubstep if done right is great. ideally the music should flow like it is alive instead of the constant bass noise most artists create. a good example would be dubba johnny's "a brief introduction to dubstep". quite a few attempts at dubstep overemphasize the rules.

    quite a bit of "hardstyle" always seems to be "bang bang bang random-noise bang bang bang bang" without much variety. variety is what makes music great. if a song is just going to repeat itself then one might as well just repeat a 20 second clip and save on drive space. most gabber sounds like this to me... not my style but i suppose we all have our own tastes.

    what we need to see in electronica are more works of art like dj darude's sandstorm...
  11. @ssddx

    I could definitely agree with this. Sandstorm is a very good example of how electronic should be but there are too many "artists" if you can call them that throwing a few loops together and throwing some filters on them and calling it music. I do admit that there is some good dubsteb but much of the dubstep community seems to be filled with that same mentality. I freely admit there is some utter crap in the hardsyle community as well. Music needs ebb and flow and a buildup of some sort that tapers off later. I can definitely say that alot of gabber has the instant on and repetitiveness but some of it does break the mold a bit and thats what I would rather hear myself. The same issue is prevalent in many other Electronic genres. I guess I'm a bit sentimental for the Anthem styles and listening to music that flows into what I would call movements. If you listen to old electronic music its almost like listening to a full musical score with different movements setting the mood for the ones to follow.
  12. If you want to listen to the 'newer' style of dubstep - check out

    for the older less electro sounding stuff (2008-09 era) I can heavily recommend FABRICLIVE 63 (Digital Soundboy Soundsystem) its a awesome 1 and a half hour live set of some of the best dubstep tracks around (at the time and now) with some nice dub sections and a little D&B
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