Powerleap/Celeron 1.2ghz adapter PL-iP3T

I installed adapter but fan doesn't turn. Got the fan to work by switching fan connection from Slotket to MOBO. Booted computer but all I got was a black/blank screen.
Instruction sheet is not informative.

MOBO: BH6, rev 1.1
BIOS: Upgrade to bh632sp.exe.
CPU: Celeron 333 oc to 475

Sal Liggieri
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  1. It could be the adapter isn't connected well. Your CPU+FAN+adapter is facing down isn't it? Even you mounted well with the Slot1, there still can be a chance. I had this problem both on Slot1 and Slot2(a different story). Why not use fan connection on the mobo ?

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  2. I answered your other post. It gets confusing when you post in more then one place on the forum.

    - JW
  3. The settings on the jumpers:

    JP1 pins 1 2 3 4 off, 5 6 on (default)
    This is for a single CPU or dual pentium-III SMP setting.
    What does SMP stand for?

    The other option for JP1 is Celeron SMP setting

    JP2 and JP3 pins 1 2 on, 3 off (default)
    This is for auto detect.

    The other options are 66mhz FSB; 100mhz FSB; 133mhz FSB.

    The fan does not work. It's connected to a connector on the adapter. Should I switch this connection to the fan 1 connector on the mobo?

    Should I change the JP2, JP3 jumpers to 100mhz FSB?

    Sal Liggieri
  4. Make sure you arent overclocking to start with the adapter, and you have the most up to date bios. Some MBs can't deal with that kit anyway.

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  5. SMP is multi-processing setups.

    Try setting the FSB to 100MHz.

    Also make sure you have the slocket plugged into a working drive connector. Since the fan isn't spinning up I don't think the slocket is getting power.

    - JW
  6. I called Powerleap tech service and the tech said if the slotket adapter LED was on and the fan wasn't turning, it meant the unit was defective, probably a short. He is going to ship a new unit with one day delivery. I hope that was the problem. We shall see.

    Sal Liggieri
  7. Let us know how it works out,

    - JW
  8. Is that the latest BIOS? BIOS must have Coppermine suppport I think, even for the Tualatin. Also the bus speed should be set at 100MHz. I would set the BIOs to adapter defaults. And if it's a defective unit, you'll get a new one!

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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