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Hello, where can i obtain a users manual for toshiba satellite L200 laptop, model PSMCCL 00Y004?
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  1. I searched for it on Toshiba's website. Toshiba doesn't host the outdated drivers/manuals...
    I wasn't able to find it.
    May I ask why you need the manual?
    If you are having an issue, the community may be able to help.
  2. i recently bought a second hand toshiba satellite L200 with the original vista os changed to xp dark edition by the original owner. i also searched on toshiba's site. i could not find toshiba's utility program on the said laptop. that is the reason why i need the manual. thanks for the reply...
  3. I'm sorry I can't contribute more to your problem.
  4. thanks anyway hpfreak...have a nice day...

    This is for the L100... But, I though they would be very similar... I noticed that most manuals are actually used for multiple systems then just one specific. This is labelled L100, but you can try it if you want...

    If you need drivers/software, then this link might help:

    I think the issue with not being able to find a manual for you, is because you have an american laptop, and I can't find a Toshiba America Driver/Manual download page... So, this is Toshiba Europe...
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