P3 Celeron and memory bus, help!!

I got a P3 celeron 733 (66 x 11) placed in a soyo 7bva mother with one 256 mb Pc133 memory bank
I usually overclock it to 75 x 11 giving me 825 Mhz working fine and stable.
My question is about the ram speed. I know that a 66 Mhz FSB affects all the buses but its seems that the memory bus is more affected.
I been using Sisoft Sandra 2001 pro to make my benchmarks and noted that my cpu has good performance, but when i make the memory benchmark i got really low numbers, overclocked at max i got 150 mb/s versus 500 mb/s gived to a duron 600. I have a friend with a P2 400 (100 x 4) and he got 200 mb/s with the same dimm.
I have turned on FSBclock+33Mhz option in the bios giving me a memory bus of 113 Mhz when i overclock the FSB to 75 Mhz.

Also Norton Utilities 2001 Sysinfo gives me poor 140 point versus 200 gived to a P2 450

Is this a issue of the mother, the cpu or maybe my dimm?

Yes, i have a Via apollo pro chipset. I'm worried for miself.

Thank to all who reply

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  1. The FSB is what links your CPU to your Chipset. From there it goes to memory. Your problem is likely resulting from the memory not being able to tranfer to and from your processor fast enough. Probably a VIA chipset to make matters worse.
    The Duron score was probably for a DDR equiped system, which provides almost double the numbers.
    Rambus is the name of a company that makes a different type of memory. Call it the memory bus instead.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. your friend got higher numbers because his front side bus speed was faster (100 versus your 75) Then the Duron had such a high number because it has a 100 MHz Double Pumped front side bus effectively 200 MHz, AND probably also had 133 MHz memory. That and the fact that Durons are newer, and have better chipsets for them. Also take into Account that Sisoft Sandra is a synthetic benchmark and doesn't really show your real life performance, only theoretical possibilities.

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  3. Practice is worse than theory in the case of the Celeron. It's garbage compared to the PIII in apps.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  4. LOL, that motherboard is a VIA chipset... Hence no RAMBUS support.

    I think your confused, you have PC133 SDRAM so dont expect RAMBUS scores.
  5. agreed. PC133 doesn't fare well against pc800 rdram.

    Maybe if AMD chipsets supported rdram they might compete against the p4 better.

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  6. What?
    I read this post four times and I cant find a reference to either an AMD Athlon or a P4.
    Explination(sp) please?

    Witness the speed of a 1x Cd-rom and dispair.
  7. I think he said rambus, meaning the bus of the ram, not the memory type....

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