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in 2009 I purchased a Dell leptop which had Windows VIsta installed. I hated Vista, so I bought Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit from a reputable supplier, and installed it. This was in May 2010. I registered it immdeiately after installing. Everything has been working fine until last week. I got the "Windows 7 BUILD 7601 THIS COPY OF WINDOWS IS NOT GENUINE" message. I tried to revqalidate with the orignal MS key and get the message "This key is blocked by Microsoft". I have called Microsoft and the only thing they tell me is it is not a genuine version, that I have been a victim of software piracy. How after 3 1/2 years could this be. Any help would be apprecitated.
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  1. Did you get a COA sticker with it? Possible they used a volume license key and it took awhile for Microsoft to catch it and invalidate the key.
  2. I would ask who this reputible suplier was... I mean people sell third party through Amazon that does not make what they sell more legit... if you paid less than retail or online retail I would expect it is not a valid key. You got lucky it worked for 3 years. i would suggest calling the ms activation line and walk through that sometimes you can get an activation from there through the automated phone system but i suspect it might not work if your key is really black listed.

  3. I have read in the past that Microsoft would give you an activation key if you help them bust that "reputable seller".
  4. Don't be a snitch.....Get a Genuine Copy....go back to the company that sold you that copy and get a real one. If they refuse, then rat them out....nobody likes anyone being a sicker.

  5. Piracy

    When someone installs and uses commercial software without paying for the program, it is called "pirating" the software. This name comes from the traditional meaning of the word "pirate," which is a sea-faring criminal that steals and loots belongings from others. But far from the stereotypical sea pirate, a software pirate can be anyone who owns a computer. Software piracy is committed by simply downloading or copying a program that a user has not paid for.

    Since computer programs are stored in a digital format, they are easy to copy and reproduce. For example, a game may be burned to a CD and transferred to the computer of an individual who has not paid for the program. Software programs can also be illegally downloaded from the Internet from unauthorized sources. Since pirating software does not require many resources, it has grown into a major problem for the computer industry.

    While it may seem like an innocuous act, pirating software is the same as stealing. Software companies often invest thousands or even millions of dollars into creating the programs they sell. The income from selling these programs is what allows companies to produce the software and to continue improving the programs we use. Just because it is possible to copy a software program does not mean it is OK. Installing a commercial program from an illegal copy is the same thing as walking out of a store with the program and not paying for it.

    While there are some programs that are free to use (such as shareware and freeware programs), it is important to pay for commercial software. You can avoid software piracy by only downloading software from authorized sources and making sure that you have valid software licenses for all the programs you use. Remember that paying for software programs supports the software industry, which is good for all of us!

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