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Can someone help out...I am going to build a computer and was looking at the ASUS A7V266-E Raid audio 266fsb--should I go with the XP or MP chip--whats the difference between the two (advantages/disadvantages)
Other questions:
does the raid work with IDE hard drives?
Would I benefit from a sound card (creative audigy platinum)on this board?
whats better: budget lets me get either 2*512 SDRAM or 1*512 DDR Ram
Any other tips on building this computer
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  1. The MP is validated for SMP mode and gets rather more quality control checking than ordinary XP's--mainly quality control in the area of SMP-ness. XP's will usually work in SMP, but if they don't you're on your own.

    MP's also have the advantage of coming unlocked.

    The A7V266-E's RAID does work with IDE drives.

    You would probably benefit from an offboard sound card if you want better audio quality/performance.

    The A7V266-E doesn't even allow use of SDRAM, and I wouldn't recommend anything but DDR with an AthlonXP. I'd say 1*512MB DDR would be better unless you actually need more than 512MB. If you plan to run Win95/98/ME, don't even consider the SDR route; those operating systems can't handle more than 512MB.

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  2. Dryrye has done a great job comparing the XP and MP here: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    The XP is what you want for your application.

    - JW
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