Transfer Windows 7 from my laptop to desktop?

So I'm going to be building a new system soon and I was wondering if its possible to use my laptop hard drive in my new build and if Windows would transfer over with it. The laptop came pre-installed with windows so I don't know if this is possible. Thanks for any info you guys have.
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  1. the laptop has a OEM Product Key which should be registered to the motherboard of your laptop; therefore, you will most likely not be able to use your Windows on the new build.
  2. First of all your windows license is most likely tied to the motherboard, because it's a system builder edition. And it will most likely not boot on the desktop, because it uses the wrong drivers. You may get it to work in safe mode, but un-installing the old and installing the new drivers is not an ideal start for a stable system.
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    No. The OEM license that came with your laptop is only valid for that laptop. You can transfer it. With Windows 8, you can transfer as they changed the licensing, but Windows 7 OEM is stuck to that system.
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