newbie help!:memory for duron?

i want to boy a duron 900 and i want also ddr memory but i dont know if duron works with both pc1600 and pc2100 ddr ram.

p.s.any1 knows the fbs speed of duron 900? its 100x9 or something else?sorry for stupid question but only intel till now.
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  1. Well, I own a Duron 850 myself, but I'm on SDR, not DDR. The FSB is 100Mhz, therefore 9x100. You can usually clock the FSB up to 133Mhz, I'm running my 850 @ 1066 (approx 8 x 133)Mhz. It doesn't really get that warm, but loses stability once you go over 1100 Mhz. I'm not sure which type of DDR ram you would need, I would think that it would be dependant on the Motherboard, the manual should note what type of DDR rame would work best.
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