ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 issues


I have an HP EliteBook 8350 with this video driver. When hooked up to my Planar 22" monitor, the 22" cannot be adjusted better than 1024 X 768 or the screen overflows the monitor and you have to scroll to the edges.
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  1. Try updating your drivers. Also, check Windows Update, sometimes there are updates for monitors themselves.

    What is the native resolution of your external monitor?
  2. latest drivers on the video card, but the monitor is not recognized. It is a 22" monitor so I would guess 1960 X 1280... or close to it.
  3. Yeah, don't assume that it is full HD (1920x1080p)

    How are you trying to adjust the quality settings?

    Try adjusting the resolution thru Windows. (Right click on desktop, personalize... change the resolution..)

    If that doesn't work. Then open up the nVidia control panel and see if the screen is recognised there as an external monitor. If it is, try adjusting it from there.
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