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Hello, I have a new build and the computer was working fine. Now I have a windows cannot verify the digital signature. error 0xc0000428
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  1. sorry boot issue
  2. I have tried this and I even had a mirosoft tech help me with this issue and it was ok for 3 days then it came back again. ?
    This computer is my first build and the problem all started when i had installed windows 7 64 bit home premium and it said that the
    digital signiture was not valid. Mirosoft squared cleared up that issue but the same boot issue remains.
    oxooo428 windows can not idenitify digital signature still comes up and the computer will not allow you to boot normaly. you have
    to keep hitting the enter key for about 10 minutes to finally get it to boot into windows 7 64bit.
    so how do i solve this issue?
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