How to disable internet connections without privilege

To Whom it May Concern:
I currently am forced to have to use public computers where all the security is on the lowest security options ergo meaning there is a warning stating: "to not expect any privacy, and therefore any information used or stored on library computers may be accessed by others."
All of these are unadvisable, as I used to run corporations where we were adament in regards to protecting the privacy and rights of others. How with their being a warning "I do not have access to administrative details," can I disable all network connections, as well as disabling the internet to guard my privacy? The system I am speaking of is known as "CASSIE," and previous to the city over seeing all aspects of IT, I had no problems. Now essays have been changed, I have had pertinent details, i.e. how to pass the bar, mastering the essay portion of the bar.... and all of these have been erased from my USB's along with many other pertinent files.
I have been in the processes of writing a book and things I have written, the following day there have been people with little intelligence the Jerry Springer crowd speaking about things I have written.

Trying to protect my welfare and the privacy of others.
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  1. Please erease email address. People will note resond to it. LOL but you might get some jnk sent to it that you do not want.

    With out admin privage on "Common use" computers their is very little you can do, i anything.
    If I'm wrong, some one will correct me.

    Even with a laptop with admin priv using a public wifi leaves youopen for hacking.
  2. thank you, how do I get erase or edit my thread or lock it? because I naively put some of my personal info on there, not a wise idea, believed this was going to an IT dept, not an open thread.
  3. nevermind just figured it out,
  4. Great, while this did not solve your question, hopefully you will get a better response than I have provided.
  5. By using a public computer, you have about as much privacy as you would in the middle of New York's Times Square.

    As mentioned above, even using public wifi allows anyone to see what information you transmit or receive, as well as opening ur laptop up to someone as petty as a middle school-er who is good with a computer.

    I suggest that you purchase ur own business grade laptop and use ur home's personal wifi or a broadband wireless card to maintain privacy and connectivity.

    Also, truecrypt ur USB drives.

    Trust me, I know that most "security" that is used in mainstream isn't much more secure than a wet paper bag.
  6. You are on a public computer. Public. As in anyone can access it. Anyone can access, modify and change the files left on it. If you want privacy, you need a private computer. Using a USB drive and not saving anything on the public computer can help, but you are ultimately at the mercy of the computer owner.
  7. If there is a usb port you can try to make a bootable usb drive w/ a linux build. By booting into linux you'll have full admin rights, thus you can install and maintain a firewall to control incomming and outgoing connections. But you'd have to setup vpn to maintain full privacy.
  8. Oh ya, been in Times Square a few times, between all the people at all hours of the day & the eyes in the sky, an individual shaking there leg like a dog will be put on youtube somewhere. Ok, so what if the wifi is turned off, and any local or network connections are disabled, would somebody still be able to get access and besides installing my own firewall is there any other safety precautions I can take?
  9. Also wanted to say thanks were getting there
  10. ^ Also could Hancuff the Laptop to your arm so that it does not get stolen - Just joking.
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