Anyone have problems with the Lenovo y560?

I got my Lenovo y560 on early September 2010
on December the laptop started to act funny and started freezing with a buzzing noise and the screen was messed up (This problem was solved by switching to the integrated Intel graphics card)
I'm still using this laptop today
Should I return my laptop for repairs with warranty or should I look for a new laptop?
Do I use my laptop too long? (I use it for 12+ hours each day)
EDIT: The graphics on the laptop is the ATI 5770m
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  1. If you are having issues with your computer, and it is still under warrantly. Send it in to get it checked. Just make sure you have a back up of all your data before-hand... No telling what these technicians might do some times.
    Anyways, I don't have that laptop, I was considering it, but I got another instead. It looks like its an issue with the graphics card. What kinds of things do you do on your computer? And did it sort of just started acting weird? Or was it after you did something different or unusual?
    If you want to take a step forward by yourself, try downloading the updated version of the CCC from the AMD (Formerly known as ATI) website.
  2. I may be getting to this a bit late, but I have this same laptop. I have had more than a handful of strange issues. There was an issue where lines would run down the display. Sometimes pixels would switch places. But I ended finding a fix for that a long time ago (probably around December). I bought mine in August of the same year.

    I made the mistake of deleting the backup on the hard drive to upgrade to windows 7 64-bit without all of the bloatware. Well it turns out that this also contained the only drivers and copy of the OS from Lenovo. I called customer support for a disc with just the driver. Well, the support guy was nice, but he said I basically had to buy what I had just deleted to get these drivers + the unwanted software for $80. This bothers me a ton. I never got this disc in the first place, and to this day I cannot find the proper NIC driver or eSATA drivers.

    Your issue may not be related to my problems, but I would suggest updating the graphics drivers. Usually these symptoms point to faulty drivers or an overheated card. Which is what I had thought. But I found a link to a download. Once installed, I never saw the lines on the top of the screen, no random buzzing sounds, and no annoying pixel issues. However, whenever I open the laptop before log in, the fan revs up and dies down. During that time I cannot type to log in. But I'll take that over the previous issues. Good luck, if you haven't already been successful.
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