New system, intermittently locks up

was wondering if anyone could help me here.

I just recently bought a new computer from a company online ( that builds custom systems and I've only had it for a few weeks, but ever since I've got it, it's been completely locking up at random times.

I've tried to pinpoint the exact time, but to no avail. Now I contacted my tech support, but they told me to try running the computer with another DIMM of DDR RAM, the problem is that I don't have an extra DIMM because I just upgraded to this system and don't currently have any extra components. I am fairly sure it is a hardware problem, but don't know where to begin.

here's a quick overview of my system:
Motherboard - ABit KG7 RAID
AMD Athlon XP 1700
40 GB Western Digital HD
Video Card - Asus 8200 Deluxe GeForce 3
Sound Card - Sound Blaster Live! 5.1
NIC - 3Com 3C905B 10/100 PCI
Operating System - Windows XP Pro

FYI too, I tried some freeware diagnostic program called BurnInTest, but everything passed fine, whereas I know everything isn't fine.

Any help would be appreciated for this novice! thanks!
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  1. First check if your temps aren't to high with a utility such as <A HREF="" target="_new">MBM</A> it's best to have temps between 40-50 C (or lower).
    And check that your PowerSupply is atleast 300 W or higher. You can also use MBM to check your voltages, they may not be 0.5 V higher/lower than the normal settings.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
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