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One of my laptops has recently died. When the power button is pressed, nothing shows up on the screen (by nothing, I mean the screen does not change at all, no light flickers of any kind). There also does not appear to be any indication of activity on the part of the computer (you know, the blinking lights indicating activity). I think its the motherboard that has failed. Can anyone confirm?

Much thanks.
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  1. This might seem like a stupid question, but, does the power supply have a light indicator? It may be the power supply (Thats what I hope).
    If it isn't, try opening up the computer and pressing the actual power button, those dummies stop working sometimes...
  2. There is power; when I turn it on, the lights indicate that its on. However, the laptop only goes as far as that right now.
  3. Do you hear a kick of a fan starting? Does it turn off by itself?

    Maybe, the screen is the problem, try hooking up an external monitor.

    I know what I'm suggesting is pretty basic troubleshooting... But I've had issues that I though where major, but they were actually smaller problems then what they seemed to be.
  4. The fan starts when I press the power button. The only reason I don't think its the screen is that the activity light does not go on (or flicker), so I don't think there is any activity. Is that safe to assume?
  5. It is safe to assume, but if your willing to do a bit of ground work. We might be able to figure out the problem and possibly fix it.

    What was the last thing you did on it? For the whole day?
    How long is it on a day?
    How old is the laptop?
    What was it's main purpose?
    When you turn on the computer, do you here any click noise (digital sound) from the BIOS?
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