Help with a K6 & P55T2P4 Upgrade

OK, I'm behind the times here, way behind, but I recently upgraded my P55T2P4 from 133mHz Pentium to the AMD K6-2+ 500mHz CPU. (Per the TH article) I had to settle for 75mHz buss speed & 450mHz because I couldn't get it to boot at 83mHz. I suspect it may be a result of my old Video card, a Diamond Stealth 64. I'm trying to find an old Diamond 2000 3D with the Virge chip to "upgrade" with. Please, quit laughing so hard. This configuration is what works best with the Miro DC30 Plus Video Editor card that is installed. I'm not a gamer so I'm able to get by with this clunker for now. Anyway, the problem I'm having at this point is whenever I shut down, the screen goes dark & that's it. When I reboot, I get the "Computer did not shut down properly" message and the complementary drive scan. Any help would be appreciated along with general info like BIOS tune up hints etc. Many thanks in advance. Win98SE O/S
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  1. most likely caused by some software you have running in the background, try end tasking all beofre shutting down and see if that helkps you locate the problem, also theres a fix for se shutdown probs somewhere on microsofts site.

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