What are the requirments of a laptop

what all are the requirements of a laptop....my budget is 35,000 indian rupees.plz suggest me a good laptop configrtion

(preferably dell)
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  1. Hello rebin philip;

    As far as we know you're only real requirement is that the laptop not cost more than 35,000.

    Dell Inspiron 14R Rs 34,300 will be fine for a basic laptop and the usual home office/education/entertainment laptop usage.
  2. That's a little backwards. You're supposed to give us your requirements so we know what you want to do with the laptop. Though, the 14R is a good choice.
  3. As stated above, your question is backwards.

    The requirements of a laptop is that is it supposed to be small enough so that it is carried. It also must not weigh too much so that it can be portable.
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