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What would be a good graphics board for an older system with a K6-3 450 and only a 1x agp slot? I was looking at Mx 400s but was thinking radeon7200 maybe? or would a ddr board work well? Or would a ddr board work at all?I just need a few opinions on what would be a good card that would keep that computer current for games. Price is not an issue but i know a Gf-3 is not going to perform much better than a gf2 mx.
System specs are as follows: mobo= matsonic ms6260s ali aladin V chipset based, 250watt AT ps. Everything else shouldnt really affect compatibility but all i know is that my geforce DDR doesnt work in it.
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  1. You really have to watch out for cards that have too much power draw. This became an issue at first with many socket 7 AGP boards not being able to provide enough current for the TNT2. You could chance it and try an MX400. My ALi board worked with my GTS but not my TNT2U. It is possible that the die process shrink of the newer chips means a more powerfull chip can draw less power than an older chip.

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  2. Radeon LE, mx400 might work if you are lucky and have a decent motherboard which can supply enough power across its agp slot, be warned though many cannot.

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  3. thanks
  4. Diamond Viper 770 ultra TNT2 32mb

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  5. still prone to agp power problems on some socket 7 systems. radeon le is a better bet.

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