Athlon XP vs MP! what is the difference?

I dont like long posts so Ill get right to the point,
I have a AMD Athlon 1600 MP, I wanted the XP, but the price for the MP is higher, and I got it for the XP price,
I was wondering what the Difference is, and should I get go back and get the XP?
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  1. From your description about how you use your computer in everday life, you should go back and get the XP.

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  2. the only difference between the Athlon XP and MP is that the MP is certified to run in Multi Processor systems, and the XP is not. Besides that the price is different, and the Athlon MP comes without the bridges cut so its easier to unlock that CPU.
    So if you got an Athlon MP at the price of an XP there is no need to return it, or exchange it for the other CPU. You might want to sell them if you are able to get them cheap though :smile:

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