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When I move emails into folders, they don\'t show up when I click on the folder.

Microsoft Outlook 2010
When I move emails into the folders I've created, the emails aren't showing up when I open the folders. I've never had this problem in the past. This began occurring about a month ago. I know how to search for emails, but they're not showing up in the folders. I have to conduct a search every time I want to view an email and it's driving me crazy.
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  1. check if the e-mail you send to that files are not save in your document folder and not in the file you made for them .
  2. Did you create the folders using the option in Outlook?

    When creating a folder it may appear as an extension under one of the other host folders it was created under (just as an example).


    Sent Emails

    To: (ie) If folder was made in 'Inbox'

    +Inbox <- click +
    Sent Emails

    ___>New folder
    Sent Emails
  3. Thanks, y'all, but I've tried both methods. I've been using some form of Outlook for years and yet this has never happened. I can search folders and all the emails I've written/received show up, so I know they're out there lurking about somewhere. It takes forever, though, to find the email I need when I do a search. I'm a teacher; I constantly document things, especially emails to parents, students, and administrators. I moved an email to a sub-folder about 20 minutes ago. I checked the folder immediately afterwards. No email.

    Woe is me!
  4. I don't know a solution to your problem but can i suggest upgrading to Microsoft Essentials. Free downloading and gives an option to only install the email component if you wish.
  5. boju said:
    I don't know a solution to your problem but can i suggest upgrading to Microsoft Essentials. Free downloading and gives an option to only install the email component if you wish.

    I'll try your suggestion. It's just so weird. One of the Microsoft techs screwed all of this up for me, I believe. I granted one of them remote access to my computer for another issue and ever since, life with Outlook has been a disaster. Calling again yields no results unless I want to pay an astronomical price for something the tech screwed up in the first place. Those Microsoft techs...may the fleas of a thousand camels nest in their armpits.
  6. I just gave it a try. No go. I even set my email back to default. I've never done anything in the realm of changing defaults unless the Microsoft tech did. The odd thing is that emails will be visible in some folders, but not in others. I just dragged your message to my folder called "Computer." It worked. I made an on-line order 3 hours ago, yet the information is not in the folder where I put it.

    I can't find anything on-line to help with this problem. The only thing the Microsoft tech could offer when I first had her helping out was, "Outlook has too many emails and that is why you are not seeing the emails in your folders." I've never heard of this in my life and have never encountered an "overloaded folder" in Outlook.

    Thanks for trying.
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  8. This looks hopeful. I always keep the original messages within the emails I send. If I don't, I end up not addressing an issue. Also, some emails with a few people are like journals. I'd rather have all the emails together. Attachments? Oh my, name it.

    I've always been afraid to archive my emails for whatever reason. Seems like I did that years ago on an XP and was never able to retireve my messages again. I wish there were a way I could save all of my emails into a Word document. If you know how, please share. Thank you for helping.
  9. scout_03 said:

    I tried to go throug all of my emails and archive manually. I followed directions, but to no avail. Thank you for trying to ferret out a solution for me. The way I have my folders set up is something like this:

    Sent Items

    Etc. I have sub-folders UNDER sub-folders. All of this is maddening. I've always used this method to set up my folders, but now the emails simply disappear.
  10. I displayed how I use sub-folders in my response. In spite of my efforts to tab over to illustrate my system, nothing lined up as I wanted. Try again.

    Multiple Subfolders
    Sent Items

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