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Issues with Sound after installation of CPU Cooler.

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February 12, 2013 7:50:24 PM

CPU: Intel i7-2600
Motherboard: Asus P8Z68-V Pro
PSU: Antec 1200w
GPU: 3gb GTX 580x2
RAM: 16gb Corsair Vengeance
HDD: Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB
SSD: Crucial M4 126gb


Had an interesting weekend. Bought an after-market CPU cooler and installed it over the weekend. When I install my components, I have the chassis open on a clean, flat kitchen surface (the section I use is for this kind of bar seating, plenty far from the sink or any other potential water hazards. Also, there's an awesome lighting fixture beneath the cupboards, so it makes for ideal illumination). Properly grounded myself, unplugged the power cord, all the necessary precautions.

The installation processes was pretty straightforward, until I realized that I had to remove the motherboard to fully install the cpu cooler via the backplates. Taking detailed photos of everything that was plugged in somewhere, I removed the motherboard, installed the CPU, installed everything else, and attempted to boot.

For a long while there was nothing, and I still tried putting it all together and starting up anyway. Except nothing happened. I opened it up again and found that there were some LED lights on the board that were lit. I hadn't properly plugged in the CPU power cable from the PSU.


Even after that, I couldn't get it to boot. In fact, I was even getting sounds from the machine, and then a four-beep error code indicating hardware failure. Fearing the worst, I went to bed that night thinking I might have destroyed -something- somehow. The GPU and Boot Device error lights were lit.

That morning I had some time to kill before work and took another look at booting and unbooting, trying to see everything that was lighting up. It appeared as if the machine wasn't recognizing my GPUs. My brother came home from his overnight shift and we began talking about what I suspected to be the issue. I showed him what goes where.

My brother hasn't built his own computer before, but if I remember correctly he's installed a few components here and there. He's very bright and is attending a college program involving classes that deal with electrical study regarding aircraft. I feel pretty safe with his hands on the machine's hardware. While I was at work he texted me saying he booted the computer with a monitor on the motherboard's video input and got an error screen that indicated that there was an issue with the CPU fan. He got into BIOS, went into the Monitor section of the AI suite and told it to ignore the tracking of the CPU fan's RPMs. He said he got to the login screen.

Needless to say, I was excited. I came back home that day but had troubles booting it myself. I was able to boot it into Safe Mode, Safe mode with Networking, and Safe Mode with Prompt, but not on Regular Settings mode. It'd boot but then I'd get this black screen with eight blue hyphens in the corner. I was frustrated but determined that this was only a booting issue, so I plugged my other two monitors up to the machine and booted.

Then everything came back, just had to change the order of the monitors and what GPU they were connected to. It's not ideal, to me, but I'll check this out later.

So this is the real issue below. Everything else was essentially backstory.

Sound doesn't work. I don't have a sound card. When I go into Control Panel to see what devices are plugged in, the Headphones item keeps blinking in and out of the list. Even when it's not plugged in, the item is still flickering from being present to not being there at all. Sometimes it gets slower. Most of the time it's really rapid. I have no idea how to proceed on this issue except for downloading new drivers or taking another look under the chassis.

Any ideas about what is causing this, or what the solution would be? I've got my nose buried in my motherboard's user manual until then.

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a c 785 V Motherboard
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February 12, 2013 7:56:34 PM

for the video monitor issue. it under primary video display. the mb sound like the bios was reset and it defaulted back to ipgpu as the first video device. all you need do is change it to peg/pci to get your gpu to be the first video device. in the bios check that the audio chipset is turned on. on the mb check that the audio header is plugged in for your front case audio ports.
February 13, 2013 12:16:40 AM

Thanks for the response, smorizio.

Do you know where in the BIOS I could find that?
a c 785 V Motherboard
a c 396 à CPUs
a c 271 $ Windows 7
February 13, 2013 4:14:18 AM

under onbord devices or north bridge chipsets.