LAPTOP crashes after light use, Brand New

My LAPTOP crashes when i leave it alone for about 20 mins and i reboot the pc to come back to windows saying "windows has recovered from an unexpected crash". Then is asks me if i want to check for a solution to the problem and i click that and it just goes away!

It's a brand new laptop also, so idk what could be the problem :(

core i5 2410m
6gb of RAM
640gb hdd
nvidia 540m gt

Are there any solutions? because idk what exactly to post to help you guys out.
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  1. It is a decent computer. Could you tell me when exactly does it happen? Does it happen while gaming? Do you hear any unusual sounds coming from the computer? Since it is new, a good solution would to take it back to the vendor and have it checked, since it still in warranty.

    If you have more details, share them... Also, does your computer run hot?

    Download GPU-Z and SpeedFan, and tells us your temps.
  2. I've downloaded CPU-Z, it works great telling me my cpu, ram, and gpu specs.
    Speedfan does not have the compatible software to alter my fans speed -the irony-.

    My laptop will crash at any time, usually when I leave it idle.

    My Minidump readings are saying its coming from something called 'ntoskrnl.exe'
    and I'm clueless on what to do:(
  3. ntoskrnl.exe would be the Windows kernel - the core of the OS.

    Try running with just 4GB of RAM and with 2GB of RAM.
    You probably have 1x4GB stick of RAM and 1x 2GB stick of RAM, so try each stick individually.
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