Cheaper gaming laptop with good graphics card

Hi all :hello: , I'm looking for a laptop with a good graphics card... I'd rather have NVIDIA since people say its better than AMD or ATI or something close to that.. My price range is under 800$.. Can you guys help me find one or know of one?

What do you think of this one...

I know its not nvidia graphics card, but is it really that much worser than nvidia 540m or something like that? Some reviews also said that latop was not a great gaming machine.. but idk :cry: ... what do you guys think
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  1. Quote:
    This HP Pavilion dm4x 14.0" 2nd Gen Core i7 Notebook $770.00 would be a good choice.
    Nice stuff within your budget. Hope u find the best bet. Good luck.

    thats a dual core and doesnt have a dedicated graphics card.

    what games do you wanna play will help and at what resolution
  2. Man, that's a decent gaming computer...
    I'm sorry to disagree, but cloudy2010's recommendation was horrible, it had a nice processor, but it had an intergrated graphics card, worthless to a gamer..

    The computer you found was not a computer to use for playing all the latest games on max settings.
    It can play mid settings probably pretty well though...

    Here is a link that will show you some extra details about the 6550m, if you scroll down the page, it will show you a few games and the config for the game using that GPU... The greener the higher the quality:

    I'd stick to what you found. There isn't much of a list of gaming PCs in your budget.

    People say that it isn't good because they are asking too much from it, it will not replace your desktop gaming rig. It will not match up to a 540 from nVidia either. I'd stick to the Acer computer from Amazon.
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