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I have a question about svchost using a lot of memory when I fist boot my pc. When I boot (netsvcs) uses around 150mb of ram and it last for about 3-4 mins then goes back down to 29mb. It that normal for pc's? I know svchost is netwoking but I can only track what it does so far. I am just hoping it is not a virus because I had a svchost virus before and people got all my information and hack a lot of my accounts.
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  1. It's most likely the Windows Update Service (it's hosted by svchost) checking in, updating its database, and downloading/installing updates.
  2. a good way to check if its a virus will be the location it resides. it should be in c:\windows\system32\
    if you right click on the process and select "open file location" , see were it goes.

    since svchost is a system file, you could run a sfc /scannow from a command prompt to verify it is intact and in its original state.
  3. Yeah I was thinking that it was the update service but it stays at 150mb for around 4 mins that goes back down to 25-35mb. I would not think that the update service takes that long to find updates. I ran mbam and security essentials along with avast mbr, which I used to find the last svchost I had, it was the only program to find it, but nothing popped up out of all of them. I hope its not a virus. I am so paranoid about the last one I had :( Probably should not be.
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