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Reinstalling Win7 Home Prem. Upgrade Ver.

Hello all,

Not sure where to post this but I went from XP Professional the 7 Home premium Upgrade.
All went good and Win 7 ran smooth.

With Crysis 3 coming out I installed a new Mother board and CPU. Now 7 won't boot up.
My old board was a P5GD1 and the CPU was Intel Pentium 4 at 3GHz
My new board is a P8Z77-V LE Plus and the CPU is Intel Core i5 3330 at 3GHz

When I boot up now I get two options
1) to do a repair, 2) start windows normally. but neither will work.

How can I reinstall win 7 Upgrade? It will not boot from the Win 7 disk.

Should I install XP 1st again?

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    With new motherboard, you better install clean. With "Upgrade" versions of Windows 7, you should install first, don't give activation key, then "upgrade" from within this version. Yes, it's weird but it works.
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