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CPU is damage or not installed properely

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December 22, 2001 1:21:54 AM

I've assembled my system tonight. Need advice, hit one snag:

Inspecting my brand new Athlon 1800+ XP, I found that one of the pins was bent over nighty degrees. Rather than return it, I decided to try to straighten the pin using a mechanical pencil and a needle nose pliers (sp?). Eventually, it drop into the socket somewhat effortlessly (had to press and wriggle a little). About five hours later, I got system assemble and turn on the power. The diagnostic LEDs indicated that the CPU was damaged or not installed correctly. I have not notice any smell or smoke coming from the CPU.

Also noticed that pink coloring of the TIM. Tried scraping the edge of it thinking it was a plastic film, but I've came to the conclusion it was the actual TIM. The Heat sink came with a removable plastic covering, and I thought they may have change their packaging methods.

That pin being bent by ninety degress is really unsettling. Must be a common problem, since I did encountered it (careless packaging maybe?).

Question is this:

What happen? Did I zapped the CPU while straigthening the pin? Did I burned up the CPU? Maybe the pin never seated correctly? Would I know if I burned it up?

All constructive guesses are welcomed. I'm not interested in switching over to an Intel CPU thank you.

I'm beginning to think I will need a new processor. The heatsink is coming off tommorrow so I can take a look at the pins (A time consuming operation as I will have to disconnect and remove the motherboard).<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by MadCat on 12/21/01 10:55 PM.</EM></FONT></P>

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December 22, 2001 6:47:24 AM

try switching it in the store..

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December 22, 2001 7:06:14 AM

I think this site needs a new forum just for athlon related problems

<i>AMD's thermal protection: as seen in tom's burning chip video</i>
December 22, 2001 7:27:33 AM

I think this site needs a new forum just for psycological related problems.
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December 22, 2001 7:33:36 AM

I will refrain from responding to this cookie cutter troll post

<i>AMD's thermal protection: as seen in tom's burning chip video</i>
December 22, 2001 7:33:45 AM

You are just a juvenile whining wimp.
December 22, 2001 7:41:01 AM

Run along intel_inside, your troll posts are not welcome nor are they origional or funny in the slightest.

If you dont want to help people, go to the other forum you loser.

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December 22, 2001 5:56:13 PM

Ok, I switched out the Athlon XP 1800+ for another one. Same result. The TIM material was melted on the previous one indicating that power was making it to the CPU the first time. No burn marks evident. I don't think it was the CPU.

I've also removed and reseated the RAM. Same result.

Do anybody know what the meaning of the traingle symbol means on the power, reset, HDD LED, and power LED (switches and LED lamps on the case)? I'm thinking it means positive.

Here's my first rant with this motherboard - K7N420 Pro: No headers for power LED! They just gotten around to documenting this feature in the new motherboard manual at MSI site. Guess it is on the new motherboard revisions. Also, the manual is quite confusing (also no documentation for the CNR audio card supplied with the motherboard). You'd think they would know how to produce professional quality documents by now.
December 22, 2001 6:57:19 PM

i personally like MSI as i use two of their products - MS-6337 (815E pro), and the KT266A-2RU(OB RAID 0/1).
i like them allot.
i have the 4 leds as well, never got around to use them but they do produce allot of light inside the box.
its not new, thogh i guess the board revision is 1st so the lounch was fast and they didnt really have time to create a manual, i dont really read it(well once when i was going to the toilet and no paper..had to read something..:)  ).

just take the thing to the store have the seller there test it for you, and switch parts acordingly.

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December 22, 2001 7:49:23 PM

Problem is I mail ordered all my parts. Guess I'll have to put it away for now. Gotta think about it before I order another board.

I don't really read the manuals either, but the problem is I have to go and figure out where to connect the case leads, and set the jumpers. One of the jumpers were set on clear CMOS setting which they claim may damage the motherboard if powered up, naturally I fixed this before powering the motherboard up.
December 22, 2001 8:49:41 PM

It booted!

Figured out what was wrong - The JBAT1 3 pin header for CMOS control as depicted in the manual that came with the motherboard had pin 1 at the top. The corrected version online showed pin 1 at the bottom. I switch the connector, and powered up and got the BIOS screen!

Now I gotta go cancel that new motherboard order...

Turns out it was not an Athlon problem, it was a motherboard manual error (I followed the manual exactly).
December 23, 2001 10:09:50 AM

cool! so dont believe the manuals either! so what do you want to believe?

what did the silk screen on the motherboard show? most of the times manuals get a errata or addendum as parchments tucked inside, maybe you dint get one. but the PCB silk screen has to have the correct marking...


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December 23, 2001 12:42:32 PM

The markings on the motherboard is hard to read especially when the motherboard is already mounted. There just got to be headers for my POWER LED, and HDD LED case leads. The locations the manual indicated are the HDD LED headers will not light up my HDD LEDs, and I can't figure out what the marking on the board are trying to tell me in regard to the HDD LEDs.

Don't remember seeing any errata. The online version of the manual is a little more user friendly. They include additional graphics to show how to plug in the case leads (only the reset switch and power-on switch case leads works).

This error in the manual caused a little financial injury as I bought another processor thinking it was damaged.

But the board looks high quality. Successfully loaded Windows XP! Got the integrated network and sound working without a hitch (loaded the drivers from the disk that came with the motherboard). Easy!