Athlon XP install?

Ok, I bought a AthlonXP 1800+ and a Soltek 75DRV2. I got the CPU OEM so I also bought a GlobalWin WBK38 Cooler. Now, The heat sink has a thermal pad on it's bottom where it connects to the CPU face, Do I need thermal paste As well, or will this do?
GlobalWin ( claims that the fan is OK for AMD CPUs up to AthlonXP 1800+.
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  1. Only the thermal paste will do. Make sure not to install it the wrong way. The grooved side with the more elevated side of the socket. Another good practice is to check if the fan is running when you power it up the first time, if not, detatch the power cord immediatly and check your connections.

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  2. Ok, so your saying I need to buy thermal paste aswell?
  3. No you don't. The thermal pad is good enough. Or you could take off the thermal pad and use thermal paste.

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  4. No, sorry :), only the thermal pad will do.

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  5. JUst take the protective tape off the thermal pad, and put it on the chip per directions, the tim only goes once, and if you dont want to overclock, that will be more than sufficient.

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